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Skills and/or experiences required:

  • Advanced proficiency in interpreting data and leading teams
  • Familiarity with PBIS, RTI, MTSS, and all Illinois Learning Standards
  • Familiarity with Electronic IEP systems
  • Proficient in using technology
  • Strong understanding of IDEA and 504 eligibility procedures
  • Strong facilitation and leadership skills
  1. Assessment
    1. Acts as case manager for initial case study evaluations and problem-solving team referrals.
    2. Completes and interprets psycho-educational evaluations and/or other evaluation tools for initial case studies, re-evaluations and problem solving team.
    3. Collects and analyzes data from universal screenings and progress monitoring.
    4. Collects and analyzes data of student progress.
    5. Observes students in the learning environment as requested.
    6. Administers and Analyzes School Assessment Data.

The school psychologist/RTI coordinator will consider the above data in the formalization of a recommendation to be provided.

  1. Interventions/Consultation
    1. Assists with the methods of curriculum instruction and adaptations and modifications.
    2. Assists in crisis intervention as requested.
    3. Assists teachers as a consultant regarding appropriate instructional materials and strategies for each tier.
    4. Coordinates and schedules interventions.
    5. Serves as the leader of the RTI team.
  • Communications
    1. Completes eligibility and other forms accurately.
    2. Facilitates and completes eligibility components as required by IDEA.
    3. Collaborates with classroom teachers to determine interventions based on data.
    4. Schedules and facilitates RTI meetings to determine placement of students in tier 1, 2, and 3.
    5. Reports data to administration and RTI teams.
    6. Attends Middle School grade level team meetings.

190 days per year (school year plus five days before and five days after)


  1. Education Competency
    1. Participates in school improvement efforts, including RTI best practices/implementation.
    2. Trains school interventionist.
    3. Reviews and research and recommends scientifically based behavior and academic interventions.

    2. Professional Responsibilities

  1. Is punctual to job assignments and meetings.
  2. Attends professional development opportunities related to RTI.
  3. Stays abreast of Federal and State legislation related to RTI.
  4. Responds to recommendations and constructive criticism in a professional manner.
  5. Demonstrates appropriate attitude towards job responsibilities.
  6. Other duties as assigned by the administration that are aligned to the purpose and function of this position.


Salary is negotiated based upon candidates qualifications and related experience in the education field.

Additional Notes

The District believes it is important to ensure that children attain the language, literacy, mathematical, and behavioral skills they need to transition successfully through the District’s curriculum. In using a response to intervention instructional model, Lockport Elementary School District #91 strives to provide more substantial and targeted support to children with the greatest needs.

District #91’s RTI model of problem solving has three tiers: tier one is the District’s high quality instructional program for all students; tier two is targeted interventions for children who are not making typical or expected progress; and tier three is intensive individualized specialized support. The School Psychologist/RTI Coordinator supports the three tier model of progressive interventions for language, literacy, mathematics and positive behaviors.

 Tier I

  • Helps teachers and instructional staff develop research-based, instructional practices that support the development of children’s language, early literacy, and mathematical background knowledge and concept development.
  • Uses data to help teachers plan whole group and small group instruction.

Tier II

  • Uses data to help teachers identify and group children who need additional supports.
  • Helps teachers develop and implement classroom-based, developmentally appropriate interventions for individual children and groups of children to enhance their acquisition of social/emotional and cognitive skills.
  • Supports teachers in documenting children’s progress.
  • Facilitates the RTI Team process with the principal, support staff, parents, and instructional staff.

Tier III

  • Analyze appropriate data and make recommendations regarding students receiving Tier III interventions.
  • Works with the Special Education Coordinator, Building Administrators, and other school staff as appropriate to facilitate special education eligibility through the RTI process.

District and Building Level Support

  • Partners with administration through educational leadership to promote District goals.
  • Oversees data collection and progress monitoring at every tier, including periodic fidelity checks to guarantee valid and reliable data.
  • Provide training and technical assistance at every tier.
  • Participates in and supports instructional staff’s engagement in professional development workshops.

How to Apply

Send a letter of interest, resume with work experience, and credentials to Dr. Kathleen Wilkey, Superintendent, Lockport District 91, 808 Adams Street, Lockport, IL 60441 or kwilkey@d91.net

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