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- To provide a screening service for children to evaluate their communicative abilities. - To provide diagnostic evaluation for the children receiving speech services. - To teach classes in listening and motor sequencing (gross to fine) skill development. - To improve the children’s communicative abilities, by assisting the growth of their emotional and social involvement with others in speaking situations, in small group or individual settings. - To strengthen the coordination of oro-musculature structures by sequenced exercises. To correct functional remedial speech problems (articulation errors of omission, substitution, distortion, addition and general oral inaccuracy). To assist children with a speech loss due to organic causes (hearing impairments, cleft palate, cerebral palsy, neurological motor problems, and voice disorders). - To develop expressive language skills and to correct errors in language structure. - To offer consultative services to teachers. - To provide consultative services to parents in an effort to give them a better understanding of their child’s communicative progress.


Illinois PEL - Speech Language Pathologist 


In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement 

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