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  • Under the supervision of a licensed teacher, prepares for classroom activities.
  • During instruction, circulate the room to identify students that need assistance
  • Works with small groups of students to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher.
  • Assists individual children in need of special attention.
  • Performs clerical duties for the teacher.
  • Guides independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up by the teacher.
  • Sets up audiovisual equipment.
  • Assists teacher with non-instructional classroom duties.
  • Checks notebooks, and correct papers and supervises testing and make-up work.
  • Assists in drill work, reading, and storytelling.
  • Assists small groups of students in the library with a certified staff member present.
  • Assists in the supervision of students at lunch and on the playground
  • Supervises bus loading and unloading as assigned
  • Maintains discipline procedures and class management routines as established by teacher/principal
  • Meets students as they arrive for the day and prepare students for going home.
  • Assists in keeping school facilities neat, clean and safe
  • Other duties as assigned by the teacher or principal


NCLB-Approved Paraprofessional certification


$16.75 per hour

How to Apply

Email resume to: Mrs. Catherine Gallagher at cgallagher@ahsd125.org

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