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Job Summary:  Full-time Special Education Teacher in an AIM classroom. Teacher will be required to develop lesson plans and must be able to individualize curriculum for students at various grade levels. Complete IEP paperwork and insure that IEP's are implemented accordingly. Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

The Adapted Individualized Methods (AIM) program is a full-day classroom for students who require a significantly structured and adaptive learning environment consisting of communication development through a visual approach, sensory integration, and an applied behavior analysis methodology. Students in these classes range from pre-school through 8th grade.


Qualifications: Must have Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1); prefer experience in Autism, ABA Methodology and behavior management.


Working Conditions:  Nine-month position; regionally competive salary; salary range credits years of experience.

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Date Available: 8/2024

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