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  • A valid Illinois State Board of Education Teaching Certificate with appropriate endorsements
  • Teaching experience in the art classroom preferred
  • Advanced furnace working skills including foundations of glass blowing (basic forms, spheres, cylinders, cones), language of hot shop techniques, tools, etc. Advanced forms and Venetian methods of glass making like goblets and vases.
  • Hot sculpting techniques, both blown and solid, hot assembly, and production glass making techniques.
  • Must be able to teach multiple color applications including cane, murrini, powders and frits, color drops, roll ups.
  • In-depth knowledge of kiln forming glass including, full fusing, tack fusing, and slumping sheet glass.
    • Must know the language of kiln forming techniques
    • Must have an in-depth knowledge of setting up kilns to be fired in a variety of different ways to accommodate unique firing projects.
    • Must understand how to use low fire and high fire enamels.
    • Must be able to diagnose and resolve unanticipated accidents and prevent future mishaps and material waste.
    • Must be able to reline kilns and clean them regularly to prevent wear and damage to elements and controllers.
    • Must be able to fire every kiln in the kiln room for kiln forming.
    • Must be able to program and operate temperature ranges with multiple brands of kilns controllers including Watlow EZ-Zone, Ramp master 2, Sentry Express 2.0, Genesis 2.0, and Skutt.
  • In-depth knowledge of casting glass in a variety of different ways including lost wax and open face molds.
    • Must be able to educate students on the difference between casting glass and fusing glass (different type of glass altogether/ non-compatible).
    • Must teach the language of casting techniques and supplies.
    • Must know how to properly set up positives with sprue and air bubble consideration.
    • Must be able to safely mix plaster/silica.
    • Must be able to fire castings using different firing schedules and able to operate all of the kilns in the kiln room for casting glass.
  • In-depth knowledge of flame working techniques.
    • Will need to educate students on the difference between borosilicate and soft glass.
    • Must know how to safely teach how to use a two-stage torch.
    • Must be able to teach the language of tools and hand techniques.
    • Must understand how to use different color applications including frit and rods.
    • Must be able to program and operate temperature ranges with multiple brands of kiln controllers including Watlow EZ-Zone, Ramp master 2, Sentry Express 2.0, Genesis 2.0, and Skutt.


Why New Trier?

  • New Trier welcomes any qualified candidate seeking a collaborative team environment.  Over the past several years, New Trier has reaffirmed and deepened our “Commitment to Equity” through our New Trier 2030 Strategic Plan and is actively seeking applicants from all backgrounds to join our team.
  • New Trier High School is ranked #2 in Illinois for having the Best Public High School Teachers and 94% of teachers have earned a master’s degree or higher.
  •  The school has a reputation for academic excellence, a commitment to serving the needs of every student, and an extraordinary extracurricular program. With an enrollment of 3,743 students, the average class size is 22 students and there is a 13:1 overall student/teacher ratio. Approximately 97% of New Trier’s Class of 2022 enrolled in college. And 410 of 984 seniors were named Illinois State Scholars.
  •  New Trier offers numerous opportunities for learning and involvement outside of the classroom in activities, athletics, fine and performing arts, and social service. Service learning is an important part of the New Trier experience, and students are asked to participate in service projects throughout their four years at the school.
    • More than 150 clubs and other student activities, including an extensive social service component.
    • 35 interscholastic sports (winning more athletic state championships than any high school in Illinois interscholastic history) as well as an extensive intramural program; and
    • fine and performing arts programs, including a Grammy-award winning music department.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits.
    • Starting salaries for the 2024-2025 school year are:
      • First year, BA: $66,590
      • First year, MA: $75,328
      • Four years, MA: $86,943

How to Apply

Please apply at http://newtrier.k12.il.us/employment

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