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  1. Participate, as needed, in the Case Study Evaluation Process.
  2. Actively participate at Eligibility Determination Conference/individualized Education Plan (EDC/IEP) meetings.
  3. Evaluate, develop and implement individual educational programming for students receiving resource services.
  4. Monitor resource students’ progress in regular education settings.
  5. Serve as case manager, insuring that the IEP is being carried out.
  6. Schedule the annual reviews.
  7. Provide consultation services to regular educators.
  8. Ensure that the general education curriculum is delivered to special education student to the fullest extent possible. Design, implement and deliver the special education program curriculum.
  9. Provide lesson plans prior to their implementation as decided by your building administrator.
  10. Provide input to regular educators for the student found non-eligible.
  11. Participate as an active member of building, attend staff meetings and supervise regular and special education students at various times during day as available.




$41,321.00  Board paid single Health/Dental/Vision/Life insurance 

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