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Planning and Preparation
          - Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy
          - Demonstrates knowledge of students and plans instruction for individual students’ needs
          - Sets instructional outcomes as goals that can been assessed
          - Demonstrates knowledge of resources
          - Designs coherent instruction and differentiates with appropriate resources, groups and structure
          - Designs student assessments that are aligned with the instructional outcomes
- The Classroom Environment
          - Creates an environment of respect and rapport
          - Establishes a culture for learning
          - Manages classroom procedures
          - Manages student behavior by setting clear standards of conduct
          - Establishes a safe classroom that ensures the learning of all students
- Instruction
          - Communication with students is appropriate and expectations for the learning of content are clearly communicated
          - Uses questions that reflect high expectations
          - Engages students in their learning
          - Uses assessment to guide instruction
          - Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness and makes adjustment as needed to instruction
- Professional Responsibilities
          - Uses reflection to improve instruction
          - Maintains accurate records
          - Communicates with families frequently and tries to engage families in the instructional program
          - Participates in professional organizations and is involved in school and district events
          - Actively pursues professional development opportunities
          - Displays a high level of ethics and professionalism in dealing with students and colleagues
          - Adheres to district sick leave and personal leave policies and is punctual to job assignments and meetings


State of Illinois Professional Educator License with appropriate endorsements required


Regionally competitive

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