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  1. Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills through the ability to build trusting, collaborative relationships with all stakeholders
  2. Support effective instruction and culturally responsive teaching by creating a learning environment that is safe and welcoming where all students thrive by providing equal educational opportunity to all individuals.
  3. Support the instructional development of all teachers in maximizing their effective implementation of the higher leverage practices 
  4. Enhance cross-faculty collaboration and empower staff as co-designers in the classroom
  5. Create a well-articulated schedule with building administration and the Student Services department.
  6. Develop and implement coaching cycles for teachers to ensure professional learning for teaching staff and improved learning opportunities for students. 
  7. Work with teachers to design, modify and implement the use of resources, materials, tools, information, etc. in order to meet the individual learning needs of our students.
  8. Identify potential systematic obstacles to successful inclusion and/or service delivery-problem solve with administration solutions
  9. Develop processes of communication and collaboration to make smooth transitions for students from year to year.
  10. Collaborate with district and state special education leaders to align inclusive practices with broader education initiatives and ensure that all students receive a high-quality education.
  11. Serve as a resource for teachers and staff on legal requirements and best practices for serving students with disabilities, including compliance with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 plans.
  12. Collaborate with families and community partners to ensure that students with disabilities are fully included in school activities and have access to necessary supports and services.
  13. Meet regularly with grade level teams to review evidence of student learning and identify areas of opportunity
  14. Collaborate with the District/Building administration to develop and lead professional learning activities by presenting or facilitating learning directly to staff
  15. Other duties as assigned


Licensure: Valid Professional Educator License (PEL) in appropriate grade level or 

                                                          content area.

Degree or Endorsement: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Master’s Degree preferred 


Required Qualifications:   

  • Minimum of 5 years successful teaching experience (special education preferred)
  • Experienced in and knowledgeable of high impact strategies and pedagogy known to result in improved teaching and learning
  • Experienced in and knowledgeable of higher leverage practices
  • Specific knowledge of Common Core content and curriculum
  • Specific knowledge of special education law
  • Knowledge in the use of assessments and their results to inform instructional decisions
  • Excellent communication interpersonal skills and use of mentoring language 
  • The ability to work effectively with adult learners
  • The ability to offer constructive feedback to facilitate change
  • Holds a growth-mindset for self, colleagues, and students
  • The ability to seek resources and solutions to effectively solve problems

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