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  1. Collaborate with faculty, staff and parents/guardians to better understand and meet the needs of all students.
    1. Work with administration to collect and analyze data related to school improvement, student outcomes and ethical and legal requirements associated with special education services.
    2. Collaborate with parents, teachers and other staff to analyze problems and develop appropriate interventions at the classroom, building, district and community levels.
  • Work collaboratively with social worker to assist with the development of Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavioral Intervention Plans and ongoing monitoring of behavioral data collection.
  1. Collaborate with teachers, teacher assistants, and other specialists to discuss individual student’s modifications or accommodations, barriers to learning, interventions or other concerns.
  2. Consult with parents regarding their child’s educational needs to facilitate improved performance in the classroom or at home.
  3. Consults with teachers and staff regarding students receiving special education services in determining eligibility criteria and progress toward goals.
  1. Screen and evaluate students including selecting appropriate instruments, administering tests, observations, and writing reports which state the evaluation findings and provide for educational program recommendations.
  2. Conduct observations of students in the classroom, review school records, consult with parents and school personnel, administer assessments and interpret diagnostic findings.
  3. Assess and evaluate special education and at-risk or non-responding students through testing and diagnostic practices.
  4. Complete psychological evaluations, including intelligence assessment and review of adaptive measures to determine potential cognitive impairment.
  5. Develop individual, group or system level interventions, which improve or resolve the identified problems or concerns, including academic, social/emotional/behavioral and mental health needs as they relate to educational progress.
  6. Involvement in data analysis and evaluation by using formative and summative data for implementing plans at an individual, group or system level.
  7. Maintain appropriate data on students to document current levels of performance and other pertinent information. Re-evaluate as appropriate, to determine extent of progress and effectiveness of curriculum and instructional practices. 
  8. Provide local and district assessment and screening data to district and building level teams and communicates the relevancy of data to help inform and relate it to instructional practices.
  9. Actively participate on problem solving and intervention teams to facilitate early intervention to learning or behavioral problems.
  10. Assess barriers to learning and determine the best instructional and/or behavioral strategies to improve educational outcomes.
  11. Participate in district leadership team to address district level problem solving needs and develop goals and training needs for implementing and expanding the RtI and Problem-Solving Model.
  12. Provide support, instruction, technical assistance and ongoing monitoring of progress toward measurable, identified goals for students at individual, group or system level.
  13. Evaluate eligibility for Special Education services with the multidisciplinary team for students suspected of having a disability as well as continued eligibility for those students currently receiving services.
  14. Complete required documentation and data collection necessary for Individualized Education Plan reports and goals.
  15. Participate in or lead staff development and school improvement activities in order to maintain professional growth. Plan and incorporate best practices or new evidence-based strategies. 
  16. Provide staff development through membership in professional organizations, staff development, consulting and research.
  17. Train and support district staff as they develop, implement and expand the RtI and Problem Solving systems.
  18. Adhere to the ethical standards and codes of the profession as well as the Illinois State Board of Education laws governing special education programs.
  19. Work with teachers and staff to establish a safe and engaging atmosphere conducive to a positive learning environment.
  20. Other duties as assigned.


Valid certification in School Psychology (Type 73)


The anticipated 2024-2025 Base salary (Full Time) at BA step 1 is $47,500 plus TRS contribution.  Benefits include life insurance plus health, dental and vision insurance benefits are available.  Sick days, personal business days and reimbursement for professional growth are also provided.

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