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Planning and Preparation

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy.
  2. Demonstrates knowledge of students.
  3. Selects instructional goals.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge of resources.
  5. Designs coherent instruction.
  6. Assesses student learning.

The Classroom Environment

  1. Creates an environment of respect and rapport.
  2. Establishes a culture for learning.
  3. Manages classroom procedures.
  4. Manages student behavior.
  5. Organizes physical space.


  1. Communicates clearly and accurately.
  2. Uses questioning and discussion techniques.
  3. Engages students in learning.
  4. Provides feedback to students.
  5. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness.

Professional Responsibilities

  1. Reflects on teaching.
  2. Maintains accurate records.
  3. Communicates with families.
  4. Contributes to the school and district.
  5. Grows and develops professionally.
  6. Shows professionalism.


  1. A valid Illinois Type 09 certification.
  2. Deaf education and/or ASL Interpreter Certification.


  1. Work Year: Will be determined according to current District contractual agreement.
  2. Fringe Benefits: Health, dental, and life insurance plus sick leave and personal business leave.
  3. Salary: Placement on teacher’s salary schedule.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should attach a letter of interest and supportive documentation

(complete resume, copy of certificate, college credentials and transcripts, and references) to the online;

application on the District web site at:



Link to District/Third Party Online Application Web Page


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