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  1. Teaches skills, knowledge and scientific attitudes through courses in general science, earth sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, physiology or science problems to Junior High and secondary pupils, utilizing courses adopted by the Board of Education and other appropriate learning activities.
  2. Instructs pupils in citizenship and basic subject matter specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of the school district.
  3. Plans a science program involving demonstrations, lectures, discussions and student experiments; organizes laboratory activities for optimal learning.
  4. Demonstrates scientific concept by use of scientific apparatus, experiments and standard or teacher-prepared charts, sketches and other instructional aids.
  5. Provides individual or small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of pupils and to accommodate circumstances where a variety of projects and experiments are being worked on simultaneously.
  6. Instructs pupils in proper care use, care and safe handling of chemicals, science equipment and plant and animal life.
  7. Provides for safe storage and proper use of materials, equipment and tools.  Makes minor adjustments and requests repairs to equipment as required.
  8. Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior for a productive learning environment during class sessions, laboratory sessions and field trips.
  9. Evaluates each pupil’s growth in knowledge, skills and scientific attitudes in the course being taught.
  10. Selects and requests books, instructional aids, science equipment, chemicals and supplies and maintains inventory records as required.
  11. Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and self-selected professional growth activities.
  12. Identifies pupils' needs, and cooperates with other professional staff members in helping pupils solve health, attitude and learning problems.
  13. Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs.
  14. Assists pupils in selection and development of individual research projects.
  15. Cooperates with school administration in providing science displays and programs for the school and community, and in sponsoring science activities.
  16. Communicates with parents and school counselors on pupil progress.
  17. Supervises pupils in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned work day.
  18. Participates in faculty committees and sponsorship of student activities.
  19. Participates cooperatively with the Principal or his designee to develop the method by which the teacher will be evaluated in conformance with district guidelines.


Candidates must possess, or be eligible for, an Illinois Professional Educators License with an endorsement in Science. 


Salary commensurate to salary schedule per the negotiated contact. 

How to Apply

Send letter of interest, resume, copy of credentials, and three letters of recommendation to:

Knoxville CUSD #202

Attn: Dr. Andrea Guerrero, Superintendent 

809 E. Main St. 

Knoxville, IL  61448

Files may be electronically sent to Jodi Grace, Assistant to the Superintendent, at jgrace@bluebullets.org 

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