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JOB GOAL: To provide students with a safe, attractive, comfortable, clean and efficient place in
which to learn, play and develop.
1. Keep building and premises neat and clean at all times:
a) Sweeping & Mopping Daily:
1) Classrooms
2) All Purpose Rooms (Gyms, Library, etc.)
3) Restrooms-School & Offices
4) Hallways and Entrances
5) Cafeteria-Kitchen

b) Waxing & Buffing:
1) All areas of the school building as needed

c) Vacuuming carpeted offices or classrooms daily
d) Dusting window sills once a week in offices
e) Wipe down classroom white boards weekly
f) Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors, clean fixtures, replenish supplies in restroom and clean
water fountains daily
g) Emptying all waste cans and removing trash from the building and placing it in the dumpster
h) Assist with outside walkways: Sweep sidewalks, shovel and salt walks, driveways, parking areas,
and steps as appropriate
i) Replace light bulbs as needed in offices and school
j) Maintain building exit fixtures as needed
k) Clean all windows in building three times a year (inside and outside)
l) Clean up teachers’ lounge daily
m) Clean walls and doorways of fingerprints as needed
n) Assist with replacing filters on heating and air conditioning units as needed
2. Custodian shall complete all other duties as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent or designee
in line with the maintenance, safety, welfare, of student and institutional needs. This may include a
temporary assignment outside the purview of normal daily assignments.
3. Stripping floors; waxing floors; mopping floors; painting walls; repairing walls, including minor
drywall work; minor plumbing and electrical work; replacing damaged ceiling tile; moving furniture;
coordination of contractual maintenance for larger jobs; ordering and storage of maintenance supplies.
4. Shall be responsible for all building and grounds maintenance and minor repairs as well as making
recommendations for physical maintenance and repairs by outside contractors.


1. High School Diploma or GED, Associates degree in vocational expertise or higher training or
experience preferred.
2. Demonstrate aptitude or competence for assigned responsibilities.
3. Custodian shall have the ability to work under limited direct supervision, while accepting the
direction of general supervision.
4. Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and
5. Must be able to pass a background check and physical/drug test.
6. Custodian shall obtain the appropriate licensure (CDL w/passenger endorsement) to drive a school
7. Physical ability/Health Status to perform responsibilities as listed below:


Salary is based on the district salary schedule for non-certified staff.

Additional Notes

12 month assignment. The work day will be considered an (8) eight
hour day. Over time will be paid for all work hours completed in excess of (40) forty hours in any
given week. Sick, vacation, personal, and holidays will not count toward over time calculations.

How to Apply

An Application for Employment may be downloaded below or may be picked up at the
Unity Point Main Office. Submit Letter of Application, Application for Employment,
Resume,  and Letters of Reference to: Dr. James-Gross, Superintendent, Unity Point School #140, 4033
South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, IL 62903. Applications will be accepted until the


Applications may be picked up at:
Unity Point #140 Main Office
4033 S. Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62903

Or you may download an application at the site listed below:

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