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Title:                Teacher


Qualifications:             1.   Minimum of Bachelors’ degree from an accredited college or


  1. Appropriate state certification
  2. Evidence of having successfully completed state basic skills

and content area tests


Reports to:      Building principal


Supervises:      Any teacher aide and/or volunteer assigned


Job Goal:         To help students learn subject matter and/or skills that will contribute to

                        their development as mature, able, and responsible men and women.


Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Plan a program of study that meets the needs, interests, and abilities of the students, as well as meets the desired outcomes of the Illinois Standards / District Goals;
  2. Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students;
  3. Guide the learning process toward the achievement of the district’s curriculum goals and in harmony with the state’s goals / standards;
  4. Employ instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting stated goals;
  5. Assess students’ work and accomplishments on a regular basis, maintain grade book, and provide progress reports as required;
  6. Diagnose the learning strengths and disabilities of students on a regular basis, seeking the assistance of district specialists as required;
  7. Counsel with colleagues, students, and/or parents on a regular basis;
  8. Assist the administration in implementing all policies and/or rules governing student life and conduct;
  9. Assist in implementing the Risk Management plan, taking steps to provide for the health and safety of the students in that classroom environment (especially applies to lab teachers, such as Science, Art, Physical Education);
  10. Develop reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedure, and maintain order in the classroom in a fair, just, and appropriate manner;
  11. Plan and supervise purposeful assignments for teacher aide(s) and/or volunteer(s) and cooperatively (with the appropriate supervisor or administrator) evaluate their job performance;
  12. Strive to maintain and improve professional competence;
  13. Attend and positively participate in staff meetings;
  14. Serve on staff committees as required;
  15. Maintain appropriate inventory of equipment and textbooks;
  16. Perform other duties as required by law, the School Board, or administration.



Terms of Employment:           Salary and work year determined by union contract

                                                and in compliance with the Illinois School Code.


Evaluation:      Procedure determined by Board policy, union contract, and Illinois

                        School Code.


Adopted:  September 20, 2001


      1.  Minimum of Bachelors' degree from an accredited college or university

      2.  Appropriate state certification

      3.  Evidence of having successfully completed state basic skills and content area tests



How to Apply

Email resume and 3 letters of recommendation to Dr. Connie McCartney @ cmccartney@lovejoyschool.org


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