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The Teacher of the Visually Impaired will provide specialized instruction and services to meet the unique educational needs of students with visual impairments ages 3-21 by developing, selecting and modifying instructional plans and materials of students utilizing Braille, large print and technological devices. Teachers will provide input regarding the planning of instructional goals, benchmarks/objectives, and methods regarding students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Teachers of the Visually Impaired will conduct functional vision/learning media assessments and provide interpretations of assessments on the impact on students’ learning.


• Provide specialized instruction and services required to meet the unique educational needs of students with visual impairments.

• Assists the student, parents, special and general education personnel, and the student's sighted peers in understanding the unique educational needs and learning characteristics of visually impaired students.

• Provide information about services and support available from local programs for visually impaired students.

• Acquire information regarding local, state, and national resources for the education of visually impaired students.

• Interpret specific eye conditions and the educational implication of the visual impairment and the results of functional vision and learning media assessments.

• Consult regularly with the classroom teacher, other regular and special education personnel, parents, and others to coordinate programs and services for the visually impaired student.

• Assist the site administrator and teachers in making environmental adjustments for the student in the school.

• Share responsibility with classroom teachers in the identification of instructional areas in which the student requires assistance.

• Coordinate large-type or Braille texts, supplementary materials, educational, aids, and equipment needed by the visually impaired student, and the classroom teacher, are provided in a timely manner to ensure the student's maximum participation.

• Provide instruction in the development and maintenance of skills as indicated in the IEP; low vision and visual efficiency skills, concept development and academic skills, daily living skills, communication skills, social/emotional skills and abilities, and sensory motor skills.

• Collaborative with Individual Education Plan (IEP) team in developing student IEPs, including goals and supplementary aids and services.

• Compile and analyze data on student progress and use response to intervention to adjust interventions or strategies as indicated.

• Proficiently implement technology to enhance and provide access to students’ instructional programs, communicate, collect and analyze data, and compile reports.

• Maintains appropriate student behavior control and establish a productive classroom or learning environment.

• Participate in team meetings and parent conference.


• Assume appropriate roles as adult model, behavior manager and educator.

• Assume responsibility for continued professional growth.

• Assume other duties and special projects as assigned.

• Support NSSEO policy, NSSEO and governing board goals and objectives, and The School Code of Illinois.



• Valid Professional Educators License (PEL) with an endorsement for a Teacher of Students Who Are Visually Impaired.

• Participate in twelve (12) hours of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training and techniques.

• Licensure in Orientation and Mobility preferred.

• Collaborate effectively with students, parents and other professionals.



Specific skills related to proficient use of technology systems, computers and electronic communication devices and the ability to develop, implement, modify and assess student academic progress. Continued need to attend training and participate in professional development in order to update knowledge and to implement the curriculum and positive behavioral interventions effectively to meet the changing needs of students.

 Ability is required to independently problem-solve, schedule daily activities, model good communication and to communicate and work effectively with professional staff and parents. Ability is required to monitor student academic performance and behaviors across setting and to physically position and manipulate students as necessary.

 Responsibilities include: completing IEP updates within specified timeframes, working collaboratively with team members, parents, and administration, managing time and schedule efficiently, planning and implementing appropriate lesson plans, managing classroom aides and scheduling appropriate activities, using specialized equipment effectively, maintaining confidentiality, meeting deadlines and schedules and making data-driven decisions for meaningful educational activities.


Certified Licensed Salary Schedule starting at Lane I Step 0 based on education and years of experience

Additional Notes



• To perform the physically demanding job functions, strength and/or endurance for lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling are occasionally required.

• To perform the most physically demanding job functions, the physical capabilities of climbing and balancing are seldom required.

• To perform the most physically demanding job functions, the physical body movement of stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling is seldom required.

• To perform the most physically demanding job functions, the upper extremity physical capabilities reaching, handling, and/or fine motor dexterity are constantly required.

• Exposure to temperature extremes is seldom or not present.

• Exposure to hazardous conditions (e.g. mechanical, cuts, burns, infectious disease, high decibel noise, etc.) is seldom or not present.

• Frequency of exposure to injury to self and/or others is seldom or not present.


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