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  • Will develop and implement Individualized Education Program, Functional Analysis of Behavior and Behavior Intervention Plan.  Development will occur a minimum of once a year and implementation will occur daily. 
  • Will coordinate services, IEP minutes, goal updates and communication with home among team members.
  • Understand the formal and informal educational assessment process and uses various assessment strategies to support the continuous development of all students. 
  • Will recognized student needs and seek the assistance of other professional staff in helping student solve social, emotional, physical and academic difficulties. 
  • Attend and participate during parent/teacher conferences. 
  • Initiate ongoing communication about students’ needs and upcoming meetings as often as needed and offer prompt responses to parents.
  • Participate in ongoing collaboration and articulation with administrators, general education teachers, support staff, and paraprofessionals in regards to the needs of students and offer prompt responses. 
  • Attend building and district meetings to increase articulation between schools in regards to overall programming, 
  • Assist in problem solving and development of instruction for both special education and regular education students. 
  • Communicate with student in regards to expectations and goals for student, as well as communicating strategies for working towards expectations and goals. 
  • At points of transition (e.g. changing grade levels or transitioning to middle school), the teacher will take art in articulation to ease the transition for child, family, and professional staff. 
  • Obtain and demonstrate knowledge of general education curriculum including grade level expectations and state standards. 
  • Consult and/or collaborate with general education teachers in the areas of assessment, curriculum adaptation, behavior management and monitoring student progress. 
  • Monitor progress of students with disabilities using specified program procedures and make instructional changes when indicated. 
  • Develop, implement and monitor behavior management programs for students with disabilities who exhibits behavior problems. 
  • Develop, implement and monitor specialized, research-based instruction programs in basic skill areas to meet student unique needs. 
  • Establish developmentally appropriate instructional behavioral expectations for students and communicate those to students and their families. 
  • Create lessons and learning environments that are safe, respectful and interesting as well as multicultural/gender and ability fair/developmentally appropriate. 
  • Select, adapt and individualize materials appropriate for diverse student populations and skill level. 
  • Assess student’s developmental, cognitive and social needs and provide developmentally appropriate instruction to meet those needs. 




Licensure: Illinois State Certification

Endorsement: LBSI/Special Education 

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