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Job Description: Certified Special Education Teacher


Qualifications: LBS1 Certification 

    ISBE Approved PEL 



Reports to: To the Director and/or Director’s Designee


Term and Salary: Contract for 9 months.  Salary per Teacher’s Salary Schedule


Position Goal: To develop and implement educational programming for students with special education needs.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Plans curriculum and prepares lesson plans and other instructional materials according to skill levels and educational needs of students and program expectations.


  • Evaluates and assesses student needs and progress using approved instruments:  standardized measures, curriculum-based assessments, teacher-prepared tests, etc. Grades completed student work and maintains grades throughout the school year.


  • Provides instruction for students in compliance with provisions noted on the student’s IEP and as required for the student to make educational progress.


  • Provides instruction for students utilizing appropriate teaching strategies and techniques.


  • Is actively involved in leading and delivering instruction to students throughout the school day.


  • Collaborates with IEP team members (parents, administrators, school psychologist, social worker and others) to develop individual educational programs.


  • Completes students’ annual and additional IEP reports, as necessary.  Develops and monitors goals and objectives pertaining to the individual students Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance employing data collected.


  • As a member of the IEP, completes all necessary paperwork in advance of the meeting, completes filing requirements, monitors implementation.


  • Reviews student IEPs to ensure that all required components are implemented.


  • Consults on an ongoing basis with other appropriate school personnel e.g. regular education teacher, support staff, building administrators, related service staff regarding an individual student’s progress, concerns, etc.


  • Communicates with parents on a regular basis regarding the performance and progress of their child.  Completes quarterly Progress Reports as required and includes descriptive information.


  • Addresses and provides for the students’ social and emotional needs, consulting with other staff as needed.


  • Coordinates and supervises the work efforts of classroom teacher aides.

  • Assists in the development and implementation of classroom and/or individual student behavior intervention plans as necessary.


  • Develops and maintains a safe and secure classroom environment conducive to student learning, appropriate behavior and interactions with adults and peers.

  • Responsible for the set-up, operation of and maintenance of equipment, e.g. physical therapy, communication devices, audio-visual, computers, assistive technology, etc.


  • As necessary, intervenes to stop and/or control dangerous (Risk of harm to self, or others) behaviors by students, which may require as a last resort, the physical restraint of a student following all of the criteria and procedures set forth by the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Protocol.


  • Lifting, positioning, moving of students and equipment as required by the students’ needs and safety.


  • Reports to the administrator on any development or problems that may require an awareness of or action by supervisory staff.


  • Maintains an orderly, safe and neat classroom environment.  Monitors the classroom and other areas accessed by students to ensure no dangers exist, e.g. glass on playground, broken desk, loose carpet/tile, etc.


  • Supervise students and completes required documentation when time-out is needed.


  • Supervise students in non-classroom areas, such as playground, halls, restrooms, cafeteria, bus areas, etc.


  • Receives guidance and direction from other staff, including administrators and therapy staff, on proper techniques for managing behavior, managing physical needs, and providing for student care and welfare.
  • Maintains cooperative, positive working relationships with parents, OCEC staff, school district personnel, and community service agencies.


  • Is responsible for all of the policies, rules and regulations established by the Board and shall comply with their requirements.


  • Assumes responsibilities for own professional growth and development.  Said development should include, among other things, keeping current with professional literature, research-findings, improved methods and techniques, individual goal setting, attending professional meetings and pertinent professional learning opportunities. 


  • Attends OCEC/school sponsored activities, inservices and workshops.


  • Completes and maintains all written documents as requested by the Director/designee.


  • Completes other responsibilities as assigned by the Director or designee.

Updated: 2/1/2018


Per salary schedule

How to Apply

Email resume and letter of interest to Matt Zilm Director of Special Education - mzilm@ocecil.org

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