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  1. Participate in problem solving meetings with building teams
  2. Assist with the development and implementation of strategic interventions for students
  3. Assist with screening and progress monitoring practices to identify at risk students and to monitor the   effectiveness of interventions
  4. Complete psychological evaluation components as a part of Full Case Study Evaluations using standard test batteries and multiple supplemental tests as appropriate
  5. Assist in conducting functional assessments of behavior and the corresponding development of behavior support plans
  6. Develop/present in-services for parents/teachers as specific needs dictate
  7. Contribute to the on-going development and maintenance of the school psychologist website
  8. Participate in IEP meetings including:

a) Reviews of existing information 
b) Eligibility meetings
c) Interim IEP meetings
d) Annual reviews

     9. Coordinate the completion of paperwork for the following meetings:

a) Reviews of existing information
b) Eligibility determinations
c) Manifestation determinations
d) Select portions of the IEP

   10. Participate in the development of 504 Plans under the American’s with Disabilities Act
   11. Preparation of psychological reports which adequately synthesizes information and               yields meaningful recommendations
   12. Review independent reports and incorporate the information to that which is currently           existing
   13. Participate in various district-wide committees as needed




  1. Appropriate Illinois Certification (Type 73 – School Psychologist)
  2. Superior work habits and ethics – self motivated
  3. Excellent communications skills – written and verbal
  4. Ability to work well with administration, faculty, students and parents
  5. Ability to perform duties as outlined

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