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Performance Responsibilities:

1. Take a leadership role in developing and implementing the district's technology plan for instructional use of technology
          a. Evaluate the district's information and technology plan for both short term and long term needs.
          b. Supervise the implementation of the instructional technology plan.
     2. Develop and chair decision-making structures for information and technology issues.
     3. Supervise staff responsible for the installation and operations of technology.
     4. Disseminate technology related information throughout the district.
     5. Collaborate with administrators, teachers, and technology staff who implement the district technology plan.
     6. Develop a cadre of school level technology leaders who support the implementation of the technology plan.
     7. Meet with and support school level technology leaders.
     8. Create, disseminate, and ensure the consistent application of the district's Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Staff Development:
     1. Supervise the development, implementation, and evaluation of all technology training for faculty and staff.
     2. Ensure technology professional learning supports innovation and serve as a model for the effective use of technology that             supports innovative student learning.

     1. Supervise technical staff to ensure:
          a. Maintenance of network infrastructure, including servers, switches, routers, and miscellaneous equipment and software                is up to date.
          b. Network systems meet the highest cybersecurity standards.
          c. CIPA compliance of district internet content filtering.
     2. Develop and implement a plan for future technologies.
     3. Evaluate the need and the implementation of new hardware and software on a continuous basis.
     4. Develop and implement a plan for the inventory, maintenance, and replacement of hardware.
     5. Coordinate the development and submission of technology grant applications, including E-Rate.
     6. Establish and maintain beneficial relationships with the vendors and contractors of the District's network hardware and                 software products.

     1. Supervise the management and effective utilization of technology functions related to student services, student                           assessment, personnel, payroll, business, and finance.
          a. Enhance productivity of operations by full utilization of software packages.
          b. Supervise cost effective use of technology within budget allocations.
     2. Develop and execute a plan for maintenance of all technology systems.
          a. Schedule and monitor projects.
     3. Supervise project development and implementation.
          a. Customize programs to meet local needs.
          b. Document historical changes to use of software and hardware.
     4. Develop and supervise activity and backup measures related to data throughout the schools.
     5. Ensure district compliance with SOPPA.
     6. Assist with the technology components of state and local required assessments by ensuring district devices, systems, and             technology personnel are ready for state and local assessments.
     7. Oversee documentation of all procedures in sufficient detail to enable technical support staff to perform essential duties in           the absence of other technical staff.

Additional Duties:
Performs other related tasks and/or duties as assigned.



  • B.S. or M.S. Education/Computer Science/Information Technology (Required)
  • PEL Administrative Endorsement (Required)
  • Progress toward or completion of degree in Educational Technology - M.S. Ed. (Preferred)
  • At least 5 years' experience in an educational environment, including experience with the use of technology in instruction (Strongly preferred)
  • Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) (Strongly Preferred)


Commensurate with experience; benefits as approved annually by the D28 Board of Education

How to Apply

Please upload to your application academic transcripts, cover letter, resume and at least three letters of reference; https://www.applitrack.com/d28/onlineapp/default.aspx?all=1

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