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  • Assist the classroom teacher to preparation of materials
  • Confer with the classroom teacher on daily plans and procedures
  • Provide individual assistance to students during teacher instruction
  • Assist with classroom management as directed by the classroom teacher
  • Assist students with individual personal needs as directed by the classroom teacher
  • Under the supervision of the classroom teacher, instruct the students in both large and small group situations
  • Supervise students during recess and/or rest time.  this means constant supervision of entire class and requires good classroom management techniques
  • Make certain room is straightened at the end of the day.  Whenever possible, supervise students in this chore.  Assistant may also need to straighten room throughout the day
  • Put away all teaching materials, games, and toys after being used
  • Participate in in-service programs, parent programs, and any other meeting deemed necessary by the teacher
  • Assist with supervision of students on field trips
  • Get students ready for dismissal
  • Supervise students getting on and off the bus
  • Carry out any other duties and responsibilities deemed necessary and appropriate for the teacher assistant position as directed by the classroom teacher, building principal, or director of special education


  • High school diploma
  • At least 60 semester hours of college credit
  • Paraprofessional Licensure Issued by the State of Illinois

Additional Notes

Reports to the special education classroom attendant is responsible to the special education classroom teacher, building Principal, and Director of Special Education.

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