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Title:  Early Childhood Blended Pre-K Teacher 


Job Requirements 

  • Minimum Qualifications - Valid Illinois Professional Educator License with appropriate content area endorsement (Early Childhood Education (self-contained general education, Early Childhood Special Education,  and English as a Second Language or TBE)
  • Experience as a classroom teacher is preferred but not required
  • Current and valid PEL with an Early Childhood Education Special Education endorsement;
  • Experience Teaching Strategies GOLD and Creative Curriculum desired;
  • TBE/Bilingual (Arabic) or (Spanish) preferred.

Our Mission

The mission of School District 123 is “Learning Today for a Successful Tomorrow.”  We believe each child has unlimited potential and deserves equal access to a challenging and comprehensive curriculum in a safe, secure, and appropriate environment.


Direct Supervisor

Director of Early  Learner Programs/Building Principal


Essential Functions & Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily.  The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, ability, physical demands and working conditions required of this position.


  • Facilitate children’s development of communication abilities, attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for future success in school, in accordance with each child’s ability and based on the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (IELDS).

  • Build strong ties between home and school; to establish good relationships with parents and with other staff members. 

  • Demonstrate support for the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123.

  • Uphold the established Board of Education policies, regulations, and administrative procedures

  • Provide learning experiences in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, fine arts, foreign language, social/emotional development, and other subject matter suited to the needs of children.  

  • Develop and use instructional materials suitable for verbal or visual instruction of children with a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional maturities.  

  • Apply student learning theory, brain-based learning, and differentiated instruction

  • Develop in each child an awareness of his/her worth as an individual and his/her role in the family and community.  

  • Provide ongoing observation and authentic assessment of children and maintain documentation of each child’s progress and growth.  

  • Provide individual and small-group instruction designed to meet individual needs of children in communication skills, health habits, physical skills, and development of satisfactory self-concepts. Work with other support personnel/agencies to promote this goal.  

  • Enrich educational program through study trips to community resources such as museums, parks, and through classroom visits by resource persons from the school and community. Share and interpret these experiences with children and parents.  

  • Plan and coordinate the work of aides, assistants, parents, and volunteers in the classroom and on field trips in order to obtain the maximum benefit from their efforts.  

  • Develop activities for parents that promote parent participation and involvement in education activities provided for their children. 

  • Communicate regularly with parents by means of parent meetings, newsletters, home visits, and individual parent conferences.  

  • Interpret school program to parents in order to strengthen parental understanding of the individual children’s needs and the school’s role in the child’s life.  

  • Provide appropriate climate to establish and reinforce acceptable child behavior, attitudes, and social skills. 

  • Cooperate with other professional staff members in assessing and helping children solve health, attitude, and learning problems.  

  • Create an effective environment for learning through functional and attractive displays, interest centers, and exhibits of children’s work.  

  • Maintain professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and through self-selected professional growth activities. 

  • Select and requisition books, instructional aids, instructional supplies, and food.  

  • Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs as appropriate.  

  • Perform other incidental tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position. 

  • Develop and implement daily lesson plans that meet the developmental, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of all children in the class. 

  • Set up and maintain an environment in the classroom that fosters learning, including switching or rotating materials in interest areas on a regular basis.

  • Participate in meetings and perform other responsibilities as assigned by the principal or designee in accordance with the contract and Board of Education.

  • Utilize technology to promote learning, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Ability to sit/stand for prolonged periods of time

  • Regular attendance and/or physical presence at the job


Terms of Employment

Hours/Day: (CBA – Art. II – Section 10.A)

Months/Year: (CBA – Art. II – Section 10.B)

Salary: Please see Collective Bargaining Agreement



Performance in this position will be evaluated by the Building Principal in accordance with the Board of Education’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel. 


The School Board of Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123 prohibits any and all forms of discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age, homelessness, or disability or other basis prohibited by law in any of its programs, services, activities or employment.

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