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Job Description: School Social Worker



  • Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) 
  • ISBE Approved Professional Educator License


Reports To: The Director and/or Director’s Designee.


Term and Salary: 

  • Contract for 180 days unless otherwise specified. Salary as per teacher’s salary schedule


Position Goal: 

  • To collaboratively work with students, school staff, parents and communities to achieve student educational benefit and enrich the student learning experience as it pertains to academic growth and the IL SEL standards.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Evaluation:
  • Evaluate eligibility for special education services and placement as a member of the IEP team as defined by IDEA.
  • Assess student social and emotional development, mental health status, adaptive behavior as relevant to individual case study evaluations.
  • Use holistic approach to assess cultural, environmental and social-economic factors relevant to case study evaluations.
  • Determine related service needs (social work, counseling, consultation); and goals and objectives relevant to students with special education eligibility.
  • Coordinate efforts with school staff in completion of functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans.
  • Share assessment results and analysis at IEP meetings/conferences 


  • Intervention
  • Provide school social work (such as individual, group, social skills training, problem solving or evidence based curriculum) as a related service per the student’s IEP, in order for students to benefit from their educational program.
  • Provide direct services to students who have social work written into their IEP.
  • Manage IEP paperwork (progress reports, AR, etc.)

  • Emergency Crisis Intervention
  • Assist schools, students, and/or families to manage crises within the school setting as it occurs and is appropriate (e.g., death, illness, trauma as stated in ISBE SW Manual)


  • Teaming and Consultation
  • Assist school staff and families in developing and implementing social-emotional supports and behavior intervention plans for students identified for special education services. 
  • Provide relevant community referral information to administrators and school staff that may benefit students and families and serve as a liaison between all stakeholders (e.g., Sinnissippi Mental Health, Florissa etc).
  • Consult with schools regarding resources specific to social skills, behavior management and disability awareness.
  • Participate as appropriate in school wide MTSS (Behavior/Academics)


  • Participate and lead school teams in the use of threat assessments as it pertains to threats and student safety.
  • Serve as liaison between school and inpatient, residential or off-site school facilities to ease student transition to home school.
  • Participate in workshop presentations in their area of expertise, as well as present inservices and staff presentations to district staff and families as called upon by district administration. 
  • Regular contact with building administrators regarding student needs and special 

      education issues.

  • Maintains cooperative, positive working relationships with parents, OCEC staff, school district personnel, and community service agencies.
  • Consult with administrators, teachers, school based team or parents on improving home situations where more favorable conditions might be developed with regard to school work, behavior, attendance and achievement.
  • Provide solution-oriented interventions as requested by administrators for specific needs of students. 
  • Completes other duties as assigned by Director and/or Director designee.
  • Supervise School Social Work Interns to promote professional training for School Social Workers in the educational setting.


Updated: 2/1/2018


Per Salary Schedule

How to Apply

Send a letter of interest and current resume to Director: Matt Zilm - mzilm@ocecil.org

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