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1. Coach individual participants in the skills necessary for excellent achievement in the sport involved;
2. Develop and adhere to a prescribed training program for the student athletes, paying special attention to the health and safety
of each participant;
3. Plan and schedule a regular program of practice in season;
4. Work closely with the athletic director and principal in scheduling interscholastic contests;
5. Recommend the purchase of equipment, supplies, and uniforms as appropriate;
6. Maintain necessary attendance forms, insurance records, and similar required paperwork;
7. Oversee the safety conditions of the facility or area in which the assigned sport is conducted at all times that students are
8. Conduct regular inspections (in accordance with the Risk Management plan) of the athletic facilities and report any
hazardous conditions immediately to the athletic director or principal;
9. Establish performance criteria for eligibility for each sport’s interscholastic competition;
10. Enforce discipline and sportsmanlike behavior at all times, and establish and oversee the penalties for breach of such
standards by individual students;
11. Promote positive school – community relations;
12. Students who are deemed ineligible by the principal will not be allowed to participate in games and are not allowed to ride
the bus to/from games. Ineligible students will not be allowed to be in uniform and must dress in street clothes while on the
bench during ineligibility;
13. Students must be in attendance a minimum of 300 minutes of class time each day to be counted toward a full day of school
attendance. A student who goes home ill may not return to participate in any activity that day, either practice or games. A
student who returns to school from an illness or doctor’s appointment may participate only if he/she is considered in
attendance at school for a full day. This attendance requirement applies to all extra-curricular activities.
14. Coaches employed by the district are expected to maintain regular work day attendance, particularly on days of and days
after games/events in order to set a good example for the student athletes/participants.
15. Coaches are expected to complete their entire season in consideration of payment of the full stipend, subject to
circumstances beyond their control that impact the season.
16. Eligible athletes, head coach, assistant coach, Athletic director, ball boy, videographer, and statistician will be the only
people transported on the bus/van;
17. Eligible athletes, head coach, assistant coach, Athletic director, ball boy, videographer, statistician, and bus driver will be
provided food after away games;
18. Handle any monies received for program purposes with care and in accordance with district policies and procedures. All
monies collected should be turned in to the Superintendent the next business day;
19. Coaches must attend the Athletic Banquet;
20. Perform such other duties as assigned by the athletic director or principal.


1. Successful completion of Level I American Coaching

Effectiveness Program
2. Demonstrated knowledge of and skills in the sport assigned
3. Other requirements as deemed necessary by the School Board

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