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Essential Functions:
To facilitate the educational processes of the District by effectively, efficiently and confidentially performing secretarial, clerical and office management tasks associated with the Office of the Superintendent.
1.  Possesses knowledge of District policies and regulations relating to areas of responsibilities.
2.  Maintains a high level of confidentiality of all District and board-related business.
3.  Evaluates situations (i.e. involving other staff, students, parents, the public, etc.) for the purpose of taking appropriate action and/or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution.
4.  Composes and oversees the distribution of correspondences, agendas, minutes, reports, and the like for the purpose of communicating information to school and District personnel, the public and State officials.
5.  Attends and takes minutes for administrative meetings as requested.
6.  Monitors the scheduling of appointments and meetings for the Superintendent, as well as screens mail, phone calls and visitors.
7.  Acts as a liaison between the Superintendent and staff.
8.  Provides a supportive demeanor in dealing with and addressing issues and concerns of the public, parents and staff.
9.  Demonstrates skills in supervision, training, interpersonal skills and communication.
10.  Maintains accurate personnel records, including personal, professional crisis, sick and vacation time and files monthly record of time use with the Business Office for payroll purposes. 
11.  Helps with onboarding new employees. Monitors staff  degrees/hours. 
12.  Carries out the policies and procedures of the District without specific instruction.
13.  Maintains all files and records and initiates follow-up action as necessary.
14.  Works cooperatively with students, parents, staff and community members to project a positive, service-oriented demeanor.
15.  Registers new students and oversees returning student registration and residency.

1.  Coordinates the preparation, compilation and distribution of the Board packets in advance of regularly scheduled board meetings.
2.  Notifies Board members, the press, persons required to be present, and others having special interest in agenda items, of all meetings of the Board.
3.  Distributes public notice of all meetings of the Board.
4.  Maintains a properly-authenticated official copy of minutes.
5.  Monitors and updates District policies and administrative rules as directed by the Superintendent.

Additional Duties
1.  Maintains current list of District addresses for mailings and other administrative purposes.
2.  Collects, publishes and distributes general enrollment data, including the preparation and processing of quarterly fall and annual enrollment reports.
3.  Facilitates and monitors use of District facilities as needed.
4.  Distributes mail to the District Office, Elementary School and Middle School.
5.  Supervises volunteers or other support staff, as needed.
6.  Maintains professional competence through participation in District provided in-service activities and/or self-selected professional growth activities related to job responsibilities.
7.  Performs other duties as assigned.


Occupational Requirements 
1.  Valid Illinois driver’s license.
2.  Background check through the West40 Regional Office of Education.
3.  Recommended health training: valid First Aid/CPR cards; bloodborne pathogen and Epipen training.
4.  Genuine enjoyment of working with parents, students, staff and Board Members.
5.  Outstanding communication skills—both oral and written—which are effective across a wide variety of audiences, including students, parents and staff.
6.  Excellent technical competencies in a variety of areas including Boardbooks, PowerSchool, Word, Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, writing and editing, organization, problem-solving, multi-tasking, statistical record keeping, prioritizing and the like.

***College degree or extensive administrative assistant experience required.***


Salary and fringe benefits will be evaluated annually by the School Board.

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