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Planning and Preparation
1. Plan and implement group and individual lessons utilizing a variety of motivational and age appropriate
materials for students to explore, manipulate and use in learning activities (1a,b,c).
2. Demonstrate knowledge of current trends for supporting students with disabilities through the
implementation of professional development activities (1b, c).
3. Work with District staff to identify and access community resources to support families of students
with disabilities, prepare information for re-evaluations, annual review, and progress review meetings
as determined by district (1c, 1e, 2c).

Classroom Environment
1. Provide consultation and technical assistance to general and special education staff and encourage a
culture of professional inquiry (2b).
2. Establish positive working relationships and model effective communication skills with teachers,
administrators, parents and community service providers (2a).
3. Implement a clear procedure for school teams to access support for students struggling in the general
education setting (2c).
4. Prepare and arrange instructional environment that promotes student learning and independence (2b,
5. Establish and share behavioral expectations with students and team members (2d).
6. Create an environment where interactions with students and staff reflect mutual respect and dignity of
all students (2a).

Delivery of Service
1. Model appropriate problem-solving, data-driven, decision making and instructional interventions for
teachers and school teams (3a).

2. Assist school-based teams through collaborative team planning to identify strength-based interventions,
design of instructional lessons and units, and locate additional resources 3(b, d).
3. Assume a leadership role in coordinating professional development, resources, and practices with other
staff (3c).
4. As needed, develop and lead Tier 3 interventions for students using a variety of techniques/
methodologies, to reinforce learning and to meet students’ varying needs and interests (3a, b, c).
5. Complete ongoing assessment of students through progress monitoring, curriculum based measures,
6. Incorporate technology into instruction (3c).

Professional Responsibilities
1. Collect and prepare data to analyze district usage of autism and behavior supports (4b).
2. Remain current on research, interventions, and methodologies through attendance at professional
development activities (4e).
3. Collaborate with parents/guardians, administrators/team members to develop individual educational
plans for students’ educational, physical, and social development (4c).
4. Maintain ongoing anecdotal records, including both progress and behavioral incidents and consequences
(4a, b).
5. Prepare written reports for meetings as required (4b, c).
6. Follow district policies, state regulations and federal guidelines (4f).
7. Attend professional meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops to maintain and
improve professional competencies (4e).


Multiple professional qualifications are appropriate for this position:

Master’s degree from an accredited college or university program in Special Education Teaching,
School Psychology, School Social Work, Speech/Language Pathology, or Occupational Therapy
paired with a valid Illinois Professional Educator License and/or Illinois Department of Federal and
Professional Regulations (IDFPR) certification;
Master’s degree from an accredited graduate school of Behavior Analysis, paired with any valid
Illinois Professional Educator License and a valid certificate issued by the Behavior Analyst
Certification Board, Inc. (i.e., Board Certified Behavior Analyst, or BCBA);
A valid Illinois driver’s license with access to a reliable, insured vehicle in order to drive between
service provision locations in member districts.


LADSE Collective Bargaining Agreement position

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