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  1. Perform school social work duties related to special education including evaluations, re-evaluations, assistance with behavior management, and effective behavioral/academic intervention strategies; home visits and meeting with parents outside of the school setting will also occur

  2. Coordinate and support prevention services for all students within the building

  3. Conduct life threat evaluations and risk assessments.

  4. Assist in the development and implementation of the schools’ PBIS initiatives, including mediation, violence

    prevention and bullying

  5. Assist in the collection, input and evaluation of PBIS data

  6. Participate in the building’s problem solving team and consult with administrators, teachers and parents regarding

    individual students

  7. Conduct functional behavioral assessments

  8. Participate in conferences with parents, school and community agency representatives

  9. Maintain an active and visible presence with staff, students and parents.

  10. Provide professional development to staff

  11. Actively participate in professional development opportunities

  12. Continue personal and professional growth and apply acquired skills

  13. Other duties as assigned


  1. Master’s Degree in Social Work

  2. Completion of a 9-month school social work internship

  3. Professional Educators License with School Social Worker endorsement

  4. Excellent written and oral communication skills

  5. Demonstrate capabilities in leadership, public and community relations

  6. Excellent interpersonal skills

  7. Knowledge of current federal and state laws and rules and regulations


In accordance with current SEA negotiated agreement

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