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1. An earned Baccalaureate Degree with a major in nursing.

2. At least two years experience in clinical nursing practice.

3. A valid license as a registered professional nurse in Illinois.

4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Control may find appropriate and acceptable.


Director of Nurses


1. The Practical Nursing instructor will educate students towards completion of the approved curriculum so the graduate may obtain licensure and work safely and efficiently in a health care system.

2. The instructor will foster students' potential for intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth and maturation.

3. The instructor will work within the guidelines of the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and the Rules and Regulations of the Nurse Practice Act.

4. The instructor will also work within the guidelines of the Illinois State Board of Education, the Regional Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Control and its administrative agents.

5. The instructor will at all times maintain high educational and clinical practice standards while working towards the mission of CCSI and the goals and objectives of the LPN program.


1. Normal working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on campus. Clinical hours are normally 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. but times may vary according to clinical instruction needs and are agreed upon in coordination with the clinical site and Career Center of Southern Illinois administration. The instructor may arrive at the clinical site up to an hour before the students are assigned to arrive for planning purposes. Occasional evening hours may be required. This is a 12 month position. 

2. Abides by the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and the Rules for Administration of the Illinois Nurse Practice Act.

3. Supports the mission and goals of Career Center of Southern Illinois and the LPN program.

4. Works within the organizational chart and follows all the policies, rules, and regulations of CCSI and its clinical affiliates.

5. Develops, implements, and evaluates the purpose, philosophy, and objectives of the practical nursing program.

6. Designs, implements, and evaluates curriculum for the practical nursing program.

7. Cooperates and works cohesively with other nursing faculty, CCSI administration, faculty and staff to provide a positive learning environment for students and a positive work environment for peers and other employees.

8. Develops and maintains positive relationships with students, colleagues, clinical affiliation administration and staff, and the community.

9. Participates in academic advising of students.

10. Develops and evaluates student policies.

11. Evaluates students' academic and clinical performance in meeting the objectives of the program.

12. Makes reasonable accommodations for students with known disabilities.

13. Participates in self-development activities for professional and personal growth.

14. Participates in professional and health related community activities.

15. Works within the fiscal and environmental limitations of CCSI and its clinical affiliations.

16. Shall be subject to the direction of Career Center of Southern Illinois's Board of Control, the Director, and/or Director of Nurses or his/her designee and shall abide by the policies of Career Center of Southern Illinois.

17. Is encouraged to hold a valid Illinois teaching certificate.

18. Participates in any other duties as assigned by the Director.


Full Time Faculty: Twelve months per year with twenty days paid vacation. Pay is established by union contract at $55,000 per year.

Part Time Faculty: Hourly basis. Pay is established by union contract at $34 per hour.


Performance of this job will be evaluated by the Director of Nurses using the same schedule as that for certified teachers.


Active Illinois License as a Registered Nurse, Bachelors of Science- Nursing, 2 Years of Clinical Experience. 



Retirement and health benefits are available, 403B Options

Paid sick leave, personal days, and vacation days

How to Apply

Interested candidates can email Letter of Interest and Resume to Stephanie Mohr, Director at smohr@gotoccsi.org

Questions can also be directed to Stephanie Mohr smohr@gotoccsi.org or 618-473-2222

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