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  • Assist in a classroom by implementing instruction given by a teacher, providing student support through modification and adaptions as necessary.

1.  Under supervision of a certified teacher, implement lessons to large groups, small groups or one-to-one.

2. Provide assistance to individual students through adaption, modification, and any physical support needed to meet learner outcomes or individual educational plans.

3.  Accompany students to and from classrooms, including loading and unloading the buses.

4.  Assist students with self-help and self-care skills, including lifting and positioning children/equipment.

5. Provide supervision in non-academic settings.

6.  Assist teacher with preparation and clean-up for all instructional activities, sanitizing materials/equipment in accordance with board policy.

7.  Establish a supportive relationship with individual students while encouraging independence.

8.  Help the teacher maintain limits which define or structure a situation in a positive manner.

9.  Understand the role of support staff.

10. Participate in educational inservice training.

11.  Understand the ADA, IDEA, and State special education mandates regarding student and parent due process.

12.  Establish cooperative relationships with other staff members.

13.  Administer district at-risk programs as they relate to this job to provide for safe working and learning conditions providing for both physical safety and environmentally safe conditions to work in and learn.

14.  Follows universal precautions in accordance with OSHA standards.

15.  Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal and/or Superintendent.


Paraprofessional Certification is required.


Competitive salary and fringe benefits

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