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The School Psychologist reports to the Coordinator of Special Services/Superintendent.

The Psychologist is responsible for pre-referral consultation/intervention/RTI, as well as screening and identification of students referred for possible special education services and providing consultation to staff and students.

Essential job duties and responsibilities include:

Pre-referral consultation/intervention/RTI, including but not limited to:

  1. Being a standing member of the pre-referral team within the assigned school(s).
  2. Observing the student(s)
  3. Serving as an assessment specialist who may do any or all of the following:


  • screen at-risk children for intervention
  • monitor progress during intervention
  • assess instructional strategies
  • consult with teachers to add instructional strategies/interventions
  • monitor response to curriculum modification

      4.Serving as an instructional intervention specialist who plans intervention and individual education programs on the basis of all the necessary curriculum components and implements or supervises the implementation of intervention
      5. Participating in ongoing training/in servicing related to job duties
      6. Consulting with teachers and other team members on an ongoing basis

  1. Serving as a technical assistant for the support of implementation of RTI in the assigned schools

Conducting an evaluation of each student assigned which shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Conducting pre-diagnostic meetings in order to determine scope and sequence of needed   evaluations


  • An interview with the child


  • Classroom observation(s)


  • Consultation with the child's parents and teacher(s)
  • A review of the child's academic history and current educational functioning


  • A psychoeducational evaluation of the child's learning processes and level of educational achievement
  • Administration of specialized evaluations specific to the nature of the child's problems
  • Conduct Functional Behavior Analysis for student, if required
  • Help create Behavior Intervention Plan for student, if required (consultation with team members required for this)
  • Attend pre-referral and screening team meetings in buildings assigned
  • Enter information regarding the psychoeducational evaluation on CRT at least 24 hours prior to the extended IEP team meeting
  • Participate in the extended IEP team meetings and other such procedures as deemed necessary, including manifestation determination review meetings

Additional Responsibilities

  • As part of the team determining the nature of a child's problems through a full case study evaluation, the Psychologist will, when necessary, participate in: parent conferences, classroom observations, consultations with local agencies, extended IEP team meetings, case follow-ups, consultation with teachers, the other diagnosticians assigned to the case, supervisors, and social workers.
  • Attending PAEC meetings, completing psychological evaluation reports, and scheduling/chairing pre-diagnostic meetings (PDM's).
  • Participating in other duties based on the needs of students and programs. These may include teacher in service, counseling, screening of students (preschool, etc.), parent groups, supervision of interns, research of ongoing programs, and development of new programs.
  • Complete and monitor progress of the child's vision and hearing status by utilizing the Vision and Hearing Tracking form
  • Monitor the status of obtaining a consent for re-evaluation by utilizing the Re-evaluation Consent Tracking form
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director/Superintendent, or designee.



The essential job duties and responsibilities are not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.
Training and educational requirements:

  • Illinois Certification - Illinois PEL with School Psychologist endorsement.


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