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JOB GOAL: To diagnose and remediate articulation, language, voice, and fluency impairments, which negatively impacts students' classroom functioning and/ or overall communications skills.


  1. To participate in the District's annual multidisciplinary screening of preschool children.
  2. To serve as a resource and consultant to school personnel and parents regarding speech and

       language development, implementation of therapy, and identification and referral of children

       exhibiting a communication disorder.

  1. To provide Response to Intervention (RtI) services to students who may benefit from  

       short-term intervention strategies.

  1. To determine, through the referral process, those students requiring a screening, initial 

       evaluation, and/ or re- evaluation of their speech and language abilities.

  1. To determine, through evaluation or re- evaluation, those students in need of direct or 

       consultative speech and/ or language services.  To develop an annual Individualized 

       Education Plan (IEP) to meet the needs of children enrolled in therapy.

  1. To assist in the determination of need for assistive technology and/ or augmentative 

       communication systems for students identified with severe- profound disorders.

  1. To provide direct services with assistive technology and/ or augmentative communication

       systems for students identified with severe- profound disorders.

  1. To develop a schedule to meet the needs of our caseload and of our workload.
  2. To provide direct and/ or consultative speech and/ or language services.
  3. To document therapy through logs and reports of progress entered into the District's 

       computer tracking system.

  1. To record and update Medicaid/ Fee for Service.
  2. To participate in Early Intervention (EI) thru eighth grade team collaboration 

      regarding student performance, needs, and programming (i.e. attend team 

      meetings, prediagnostic meetings, multidisciplinary staffings, transitions meetings, 

      annual reviews).

  1. To attend Pupil Service Team (PST) meetings at parochial schools as needed.
  2. To screen, evaluate, create service plans, and implement plan when services are 


  1. To make referrals to outside agencies as needed.
  2. To participate in appropriate continuing education to maintain licensure and certification


  1. To provide liaison services between the school and community agencies.
  2. To attend afternoon and evening conferences as scheduled by the District.
  3. To perform such other tasks and assume other responsibilities, as negotiated between 

       the Administration and the South Berwyn Education Association.

  1. Perform other duties and assume responsibilities as may be assigned by the superintendent or 

       designee and in accordance with terms stipulated in the current contract.



QUALIFICATIONS: Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology

License from the Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulations

Illinois State Board of Education Type 10 certificate, Type 73 certificate, or Type 03 and 09 certificate with endorsement

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence/ Speech- Language or intent to begin Clinical Fellowship year



Commensurate with Skills, Experience and Qualifications

Additional Notes

REPORTS TO:  Building Principal and Director of Special Student Services

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