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VACANCY: Calumet Public School District 132 is seeking an individual to fill a full-time Bilingual teaching position  for the 2024-2025 school year.

JOB SUMMARY: The teacher is responsible to the Building Principal and Bilingual Department Director for planning instructional lessons that meet the needs, interests and abilities of bilingual students; creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning; and employing effective instructional techniques.



Applicants must hold the appropriate Professional Educator Licensure

Demonstrated skill in diagnosing, prescribing, assessing student learning and appropriate record keeping

Knowledge of current teaching techniques, computers and multimedia  

Applicants must be able to structure a classroom to maximize student learning

Applicants must be able to establish effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders

A commitment to the school's  program and philosophy  

Experience and willingness to participate in co-curricular program(s) as sponsor



The work year for this position is 180 days. Salary is in accordance with the teacher salary schedule. The District offers excellent fringe benefits, including life, health and dental insurance.

How to Apply

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