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DEFINITION:           The Chief School Business Official reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools. This person should be a problem solver and is responsible for providing leadership for Human Resource services, fiscal services, operations and maintenance, transportation services, information systems and child nutrition services throughout the school system. This professional is responsible for the supervision of all activities in each of these areas: Payroll Clerk and Bookkeeper.


The Chief School Business Official implements the policies of the Board and makes recommendations to the Superintendent for policy changes, revisions and new policies in this area of responsibility. Also, this person contributes to policy formulation and management decisions through participation as a member of the Superintendent's cabinet. This person is responsible for ensuring that all activities affecting Human Resources, Benefits, Fiscal Services, Transportation, Operations, Maintenance, Food Services and Information Services are within the scope of the established Board policies.

          A.        FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

 Directs the activities that impact the preparation of the annual budget and daily financial activity. Assures that appropriate procedures are in place to properly account for financial resources of the system, meets legal and Board guidelines.

Representative Activities

  1. Develops strategies to complete annual budget, supervise grants, preparation and planning.
  2. Develops strategies to complete annual budget process in order to meet deadlines established by the funding agencies.
  3. Develops strategies to evaluate and monitor grants, Human Resource procedures, payroll and bookkeeping.
  4. Assures that appropriate measures are in place to properly account for all financial activity in order to maintain a balanced budget.
  5. Works with appropriate financial personnel to coordinate the system's financial reporting needs with records maintained by the fiscal agent.




 Directs and monitors the operation of the Food Services Program.

            Representative Activities

  1. Assists in completion of annual budgets for the Food Services Program.
  2. Directs and maintains oversight of the Food Services Program.
  3. Works with personnel to ensure compliance with state mandates and Board policy.



  1. Supervises and directs the efforts of the Operations and Maintenance Department to focus the efforts on staff and Board goals and priorities.
  2. Develops plans and projections for building needs and funding strategies.
  3. Develops a schedule for training of all Maintenance Department staff.
  4. Develops a schedule for lawn care and maintenance care.
  5. Develops a schedule for landscaping for the District Office and all schools.
  6. Develops a procedure for recruiting, hiring and supervising summer workers.
  7. Develops a schedule for supervision of evening/night staff.

Representative Activities

  1. Maintains a continually updated capital outlay plan. Plans building modifications and new construction projects.
  2. Recommends architects for various projects.
  3. Continually assists the Superintendent on setting priorities for use of limited resources available.



Directs and monitors the operation of the student transportation program.

Representative Activities

  1. Reviews and approves routing proposals that impact funding or school schedules prior to submitting these to the Board.
  2. Reviews and approves budget plans for current operation and plans for capital replacement cost.
  3. Serves as arbitrator in disputes with parents when there is a concern and cannot be resolved.
  4. Works with the Superintendent along with legal counsel on proper settlements involving vehicle accidents.
  5. Serves as arbitrator when disputes arise over transportation activities.
  6. Works with legal counsel on proper settlements involving vehicle accident


Assists the Superintendent in developing and recommending school board policies on Human Resources, business, personnel, instruction, student services and specific functions pertaining to school board by-laws, mission, goals and objectives, community involvement and administration.

Representative Activities

  1. Coordinates and assists the Superintendent's cabinet in developing new policies and maintaining a system of policy review and update.
  2. Maintains a list of issues to determine future policy considerations.
  3. Arranges and discusses policy problems and needs with schools and district office.


Recommends to the Superintendent the assignment, retention and promotion of candidates for positions within areas of Human Resources, Fiscal affairs, Operations/Maintenance, Transportation Services, Information Systems and Technology Hardware. Evaluates selected members of the staff.

Representative Activities

  1. Assists the Superintendent in screening and interviewing candidates for non-administrative/administrative vacancies.
  2. Supervises the goal setting and professional evaluation procedures of non-administrative/administrative supervisory staff.
  3. Coordinates with non-administrative/administrative staff to schedule professional evaluation procedures of selected school staff.
  4. Reviews, approves and evaluates procedures of administrative, certified and classified staff.
  5. Assists in selection of staff to fill all vacancies.
  6. Supervises staff that reports directly to the Chief School Business Official.
  7. Evaluates selected staff members.
  8. Assists in proper implementation of Board policies and legal requirements governing personnel.
  9. Meets with staff regularly (job-like groups).                                                                                                                  

Monitors proposed education legislation to assess its effect on School District #132. Assists in promoting needed changes as identified by the Board and staff.

Representative Activities

  1. Works with State Department and local legislative delegation to impact legislations.
  2. Maintains contact with other systems to protect interest of School District #132 students.


Directs and monitors the operation of information systems and instructional technology.

Representative Activities

  1. Assists the Superintendent with identified needs.
  2. Evaluates staff regularly.
  3. Monitors and evaluates the overall progress of technology and management systems.
  4. Assists with overall departmental planning.
  5. Reviews all information prepared for dissemination.
  6. Monitors technology operation (purchases).
  7. Monitors the progress of services related to technology.
  8. Maintains updated inventory of district technology.



Engages in personal and professional development which creates improved teaching and learning through enhanced leadership skills and knowledge.

Representative Activities

  1. Participates in local, state and/or national professional organizations.
  2. Attends conferences and institutes appropriate to fiscal management.
  3. Attends and participates in all Board meetings.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:      Normal physical demands expected to fulfill administrative and leadership duties in an office and cabinet environment.

1. Adaptability to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure.

  1. Ability to accept responsibility for directions, control or

planning an activity.

  1. Adaptability to dealing with people beyond giving and receiving instructions.
  2. Adaptability to making generalizations, evaluations or decisions based on sensory or judgmental criteria.



QUALIFICATIONS:         Illinois Professional Educator License with Chief Business School Official endorsement


REQUIREMENTS:              Specific capacities and abilities may be required of an individual in order to learn or perform adequately a task or job duty required.

  1. Intelligence – General learning ability. The ability to

understand instructions and underlying principles. The ability to reason and make judgments.

  1. Verbal Skills – Ability to understand meanings of words and

ideas associated with them and to transfer understandings to individuals and groups as necessary.

WORK CONDITIONS:        Normal working environment.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:              The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level or work being performed by those assigned this position. They are not intended to be a complete list of responsibilities, skills and duties required of personnel so assigned.


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