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  1. Implement best practice instructional strategies to support reading and writing within content areas

  2. Assist students as needed, using individualized instruction curriculum

  3. Establish and maintain a classroom climate and management plan conducive to learning

  4. Actively participate as a member of a professional learning community

  5. Contribute as a team member and/or leader to all school improvement initiatives

  6. Use technology as a means to support the work of teachers and students

  7. Communicate effectively with students, parents, staff and community

  8. Cooperate in carrying out school district rules and regulations

  9. Be punctual and regular in attendance

  10. Performotherdutiesasassigned


  1. Valid Illinois PEL with High School endorsement in Science

  2. Willingness or desire to work professionally with other educators (team oriented)

  3. Experience or knowledgeable in using data to drive curricular and/or instructional decisions

    (results oriented)

  4. Experienced and knowledgeable in differentiated instruction

  5. Experienced and knowledgeable in cross-disciplinary instruction

  6. Experienced and knowledgeable in project-based learning

  7. Committed to working with parents/guardians in the educational process

  8. Committed to continuous improvement and professional growth

  9. Interest in developing a program to produce world-class citizens


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