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The BCBA is responsible for providing behavioral consultation and coaching to programs in order to support teams in meeting the individual needs of students, to improve both academic and social competence. They support teams to establish socially significant behavior change and attain positive intervention outcomes by providing consultation using evidence-based practices from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

Assessment & Evaluation 

  • Collect, graph and analyze student data from functional behavior assessment (FBA) and write report summarizing results
  • Take a leadership role in consulting, collaboration and supporting school teams in conducting FBA’s and developing and implementing student Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) with fidelity 
  • Complete other assessments, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team
  • Assist teams in adjusting BIPs as needed 
  • Attend IEP meetings, as needed, to provide feedback related to assessment results and IEP reductions and replacement goal progress


  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary and leadership teams across the cooperative to ensure consistent quality programming 
  • Facilitate trainings with program teams, including paraprofessionals 
  • Participate in leadership meetings including: FBA/BIP Committee meetings, Behavioral MTSS meetings as appropriate, and other activities related to meeting the BCBA and SpEd Department goals 
  • Consult with general education and special education teachers and special services providers related to individual student needs, including behavior intervention plans, and writing IEP goals 
  • Participate in regular meetings with administrators
  • Collaborate with evaluation and other multidisciplinary teams to review assessment data 
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, families and community service providers 
  • Participate in IEP meetings as directed by the Director of Special Education 
  • Collaborate with SpEd administrators to analyze trends and patterns in cooperative-wide data and develop/implement a multi-year plan to improve district outcomes 
  • Participate in the Cooperative Restraint & Time Out Oversight Team 

Training and Staff Development 

  • Develop and provide training related to principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to program teams 
  • Train teams on the implementation of interventions identified by behavior intervention plans
  • Train staff in using strategies to improve fidelity and reliability of data collection 
  • Give ongoing modeling, feedback, and coaching to program staff related to both student behavior reduction and skill acquisition 
  • Provide other district and building-specific training related to behavior, as needed 
  • Support and provide ongoing training to staff related to crisis management (including but not limited to coaching and modeling de-escalation strategies related to crisis behavior)
  • Participate in professional development and continuous learning 
  • Provide and facilitate licensure supervision of RCS Registered Behavior Technicians in accordance with all licensure requirements and timelines (non-evaluative supervision).
  • Provide needed licensure supervision to cooperative employees who seek BCBA and/or RBT certification and licensure as directed by district student services administrators (non-evaluative supervision) 

 Instruction and Program Support 

  • Design data collection and monitoring systems 
  • Monitor student/program progress 
  • Support programs related to ongoing data collection and input
  • Provide ongoing analysis of behavior data regularly and report individual student and program data trends to teams
  • Provide live coaching to program staff
  • Classroom Learning Environment 
  • Support teams with the development of materials for behavior support and skill training
  • Support teams in creating classroom environmental structures and teaching strategies that incorporate behavior principles (e.g. antecedent strategies, instructional control, behavior momentum, pacing)
  • Train staff in skill generalizations procedures to increase inclusion of students in general education environments
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by student services administrators and director


Illinois Educator License, endorsement LBS1, School Psychology, Social Work, or School Counseling

Current Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Certificate

Willingness to become certified in Crisis Intervention, maintain certification, and implement physical restraints safely and according to cooperative requirements as well as State and Federal Laws.


According to the VEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.  MS+45 initial placement. 

$3,000 sign-on bonus

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