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-Create a positive environment for students and staff that is safe and conducive for learning

-Build relationships grounded in trust and respect with students, staff, and the Komarek school community

-Coordinate efforts to improve Student Attendance

-Coordinate Safety Drills (Fire, Lockdown, Tornado)

-Lead the PBIS Team

-Collaborate with social workers to support students

-Coordinate and review SWIS student discipline data

-Use behavior data to create plans that will support Tier II and Tier III students

-Manage and address student discipline issues

-Support teachers with classroom management strategies and with managing challenging student behaviors

-Process disciplinary situations with students, staff, and parents

-Supervise and evaluate certified teachers

-Coordinate and supervise student lunch periods

-Coordinate implementation of the school SEL curriculum

-Organize Professional Learning related to SEL and supporting our students

-Lead the district partnership with West40 Regional Office of Education SEL Hub

-Supervise after school activities with other administrators

-Supervise end of year trips/events for 8th grade students

-Other duties as assigned


-Certification: PEL Administrative Endorsement for the State of IL Required

-10 Month Position

-Experience working with students in Grades K-8

How to Apply

Apply at https://www.applitrack.com/komarek94/onlineapp/

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