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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Under the direction of the Principal, the Dean of Students, K-8 serves as an instructional leader in the planning, coordination, and administration of school activities and programs, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, student conduct and attendance, athletics and extracurricular programs, school plant operations, and the supervision and evaluation of assigned personnel. 




  • Assists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of intervention programs that address the needs of at-risk students. 

  • Performs a variety of administrative duties to assist the Principal in managing the school; assumes the duties of the Principal in the absence of the Principal and as assigned. 

  • Assists the Principal in providing instructional leadership to the school.

  • Supervises and evaluates the performance of designated certificated and/or classified personnel; assigns duties to faculty and staff as appropriate to meet school objectives; assists with the recruiting, interviewing, and selection of new faculty and staff. 

  • Develops and administers disciplinary procedures in accordance with district policies and state laws; receives referrals and confers with students, parents, teachers, community agencies, and law enforcement; responds to and resolves parent, student, and staff concerns and complaints; serves on discipline or expulsion panels as assigned. 

  • Supervises students before and after school; monitors students during lunch, recess, passing periods, and other activities; instructs students in appropriate behavior; disciplines students in accordance with established guidelines. 

  • Monitors and organizes attendance functions; prepares letters, calls parents, and attends meetings as needed, regarding absent or tardy students; provides leadership for attendance improvement efforts.

  • Provides direction to a variety of faculty, staff, and student programs and services; participates in formal and informal classroom visitations and observations; provides recommendations and suggestions for improvement as appropriate. 

  • Participates as needed in Individual Educational Plan meetings and Student Study Teams. 

  • Liaison to the after school program in collaboration with school staff and/or personnel from outside agencies. 

  • Liaison to student government, extracurricular activities, the student athletics program, and other competitive or performance programs and events. Supervises activities, including evening activities, as assigned. 

  • Participates in interviewing, selecting, hiring, and supervising of personnel involved with a variety of student activities. 

  • Attends meetings of parents and other groups; provides supervision for afternoon and evening activities.

  • Works with the Principal to establish a safe and secure learning environment for students. Develops plans for emergency situations in collaboration with other administrators, staff, and public safety agencies; directs the work of yard duty staff and crossing guards; plans and debriefs emergency drills; updates the school safety plan. 

  • Prepares and maintains a variety of district, county, state, and federal records and reports; directs preparation of records and reports by staff. 

  • Participates in administrative meetings and training to improve administrative skills; maintains current knowledge of the district’s adopted curriculum. 

  • Develop and implement SEL professional development for staff

  • Lead students in restorative justice practices

  • Performs other duties as assigned. 




  • Masters Degree in the field of Educational Leadership.

  • Five (5) years of prior related school district experience.

  • Administrative experience preferred.

  • An understanding of school administration and the duties of a principal as an educational leader. 

  • Type 75 Administrative Certificate – Illinois School Board of Education



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