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• Plans and prepares for classroom instruction
• Provides a positive classroom environment that promotes student learning
• Uses a variety of instructional strategies to meet varied student needs
• Complies with state laws, school board policies, and administrative regulations
• Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed for an orderly, productive classroom
and school
• Encourages the productive citizenship and respectful conduct of students
• Monitors and assesses student progress
• Identifies resources and personnel to meet the needs of individual students
• Maintains accurate, complete records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulation
• Informs parents regarding student progress, the instructional program, and other school issues
• Demonstrates positive school-community relations
• Works cooperatively with colleagues, support staff, and administration
• Engages in professional growth activities and demonstrates professionalism
• Identifies needed resources and materials for classroom instruction
• Contributes to the total school program
• Performs other duties as assigned by school administrator


• Holds a professional license with a teaching endorsement at the appropriate level (elementary,
middle, or high school)
• Demonstrates professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with
students, parents, school personnel, and members of the community
• Ability to move about in the room to monitor students and check work in classrooms with varied
seating and desk organization patterns.
• Ability to travel to more than one work location in the course of the day if assigned to an itinerant
• Ability to prepare required written reports.
• Ability to monitor and ensure appropriate student behavior, including outdoor activity areas,
gymnasiums, etc.
• Possesses high moral standards and integrity



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