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  1.  Facilitates learning and the development of skills in a variety of subjects; including
reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, art, physical education, health,
music, technology and or exploratory classes.
  2.  Facilitates learning of specific courses of study and the development of good civic
participation as mandated by state law and by policies of the school district.
  3.  Develops and implements lesson plans, utilizing instructional materials including the 
 integration of technology, to provide differentiated learning experiences to meet the
needs of each student.
  4.  Collaborates and co-teaches with team members to develop and implement
differentiated lessons plans for all students’ success.
  5. Establishes and maintains positive student behavior within the classroom and school 
  6.  Evaluates and monitors student academic and social growth, and keeps appropriate
records using formal and informal data collection, methods, or tools.  
  7.  Identifies student needs and collaborate with team members to assess and remediate
student learning and establish or implement behavior plans.
  8.  Creates an engaging classroom environment for learning.
  9.  Communicates classroom information and student progress with guardians through
web pages, conferences and digital resources.
10.  Commit to personal professional growth through activities provided by the district,
self-selected activities and those recommended by the supervising principal for competency 
11.  Maintains required inventory records for all classroom materials.
12.  Supervises students during non academic activities within the school day.
13.  Administers individual and group assessments in accordance with the district and
State Testing  Program.
14.  Participates in school programs, faculty committees and student activities in
accordance with terms of the current contract.
15.   Perform other duties and assume responsibilities as may be assigned by the
superintendent or designee and in accordance with terms stipulated in the current contract.


ISBE State Certification(s) with appropriate endorsements


Commensurate with Skills, Experience and Qualifications

Additional Notes

JOB GOAL: Provide positive and appropriate learning opportunities for each student.
Enhance learning by supporting a creative, comprehensive and effective curriculum; a
safe, orderly and stimulating environment; and an informed and collaborative community.
Foster the development of basic values, good civic participation and a sense of self-worth.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal

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