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Responsibilities as an Instructional Teacher 

  1. Assess the English language proficiency of incoming students utilizing the W-APT/WIDA Model screener and place students in the appropriate educational setting. 
  2. Provide ELs with comprehensible academic content and oral language while assessing student language needs in order to work with EL students individually and/or, in small groups, and/or in whole class instruction 
  3. Continually assess the language development of students in order to support ELL students' literacy development by using reading and writing strategies appropriate to the students’ level of proficiency. 
  4. Assist ELL students in the demonstration of proficiency in analytical thinking and study skills. 
  5. Facilitate cooperative work and cross-cultural understanding between EL students and native English speakers. 
  6. Facilitate cooperative work and cross-cultural understanding for general education teachers. 
  7. Collaborate with the school community regarding the EL students’ progress and challenges in learning academic content and language. 
  8. Research best practices in instructional strategies for ELs in order to collaborate with the classroom teacher in providing effective interventions for mainstreamed students 
  9. Assess the native language proficiency (if feasible) of incoming students utilizing the district’s approved assessment instrument. 
  10. Participate in EL family engagement events.
  11. Participate in professional development activities to continuously improve job performance. 
  12. Assumes other related duties and responsibilities that the Student Services Director may assign. 

Professional Responsibilities beyond the Classroom 

  1. Demonstrate support for the Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Goals of Unit 9.
  2. Upholds and demonstrates compliance with established laws, regulations, district policies and procedures. 
  3. Maintains strictest confidentiality required by laws, regulations, policies and directives established or provided by the Board of School Inspectors and/or the Superintendent. 
  4. Serves as a contributing member of District and/or building level committees. 
  5. Accepts and utilizes constructive suggestions from supervisors. 
  6. Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities. 
  7. Remains current in the field through the completion of related coursework, participation in in-service activities, and/or attendance at conferences and workshops. 



Education, Experience, and/or Certification: 

  1. State of Illinois Professional Educator License with:
    a. Self-Contained General Education and/or required Endorsement for Grade Level
    b. English as a Second Language Endorsement Grades K-8 /or Educator License with Stipulations (Bilingual) for grades K-4. 
  2. Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, academic competence, public and community relations. 
  3. An understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity. 
  4. WIDA Certification to administer ACCESS 2.0, W-APT, MODEL and familiarity with the Pre-IPT for early childhood 
  5. Experience in organization and presentation of educational workshops 


$40, 11.00 minimum 

Board paid health, vision, dental and life insurance

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