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  • Monitors on-line application sites and submits reports to administrators. 
  • Issues employment letters and contracts for new employees.
  • Oversees New Employee Orientation.
  • Monitors staffing FTEs for all employee groups: Teacher FTEs at each school, Educational Assistant Allocations etc.
  • Plans and directs HR functions for the School District; develops and implements HR related programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Supports all administrators and supervisors regarding HR policies and procedures (e.g. hiring, discipline, evaluation, termination, benefits.
  • Stays current with federal and state mandates and regulations relating to HR practices and procedures (FMLA, FLSA, etc.).
  • Member of various Committees i.e TAB, Labor Relations, ACC, PERA and Wellness Committee
  • Oversees the day to day operations of department and staff.
  • Coordinates and oversees the orientation, personal development and training of department staff.
  • Monitors the performance of departmental staff and directly evaluates the performance of all direct reports.
  • Monitors the accomplishments of departmental programs, projects and goals.
  • Serves on District negotiations team for all collective bargaining groups and non-organized groups or individuals. Formulates proposals, negotiates, administers, and interprets employment contracts, agreements and policies.
  • Prepares negotiations prep documents.
  • Prepares negotiations proposals relating to employee benefit issues.
  • Directs the implementation for compliance with a pay equity system (comparable worth); determines appropriate employee salary levels, steps or number of years credit, and process all salary adjustments. Verifies all teacher salaries and lane changes for payroll department.
  • Monitors creation of new positions and job descriptions, and facilitates assignment of Pay Equity points.
  • Assures that new employees are hired at appropriate step and lane, per specific employee agreements/contracts .
  • Ensures accuracy of state Pay Equity reporting procedures.
  • Applies for license variances or community expert licenses as needed.
  • Administers all employee benefit programs and directly supervises department staff in the daily implementation of all benefit programs.
  • Manages transition of eligible retired employees and their spouse from the District’s insurance plan.
  • Medicare Supplement program. Analyzes and applies changes in eligibility as changes in legislation impact continuation of benefits.
  • Facilitates selection of new benefits’ carriers and modifications in current benefits’ programs. Analyzes premium costs annually and facilitates Requests for Proposals, when appropriate. Determines when changes to plan design need to be implemented and communicates changes to employees. Facilitates required voting process with unions.
  • Facilitates retirement planning for all employees, including severance payments and continuation of benefits for retired staff members.
  • Reviews monthly absence reports with HR Administrative Assistant.
  • Analyzes and applies contract language for various absences and leaves of absence, and FMLA or LTD applicability.
  • Work comp renewal and oversees OSHA reporting and daily work comp reporting.
  • Facilitates the integration of new employees into the school district. Manages communications district-wide regarding expectations, responsibilities and benefit information using a variety of vehicles including New Employee Orientation, answering questions in meetings or via phone, sending out periodic notices, and writing benefit related materials and ongoing general communication regarding employee benefits.
  • Supervises the daily workflow of the Human Resource Department’s integration of new employees, including collection of required employment documentation, background checks verification, initial placement of salary schedule, and placement on the Board agenda. 
  • New Staff Orientation.
  • Informs employees of the conditions and consequences regarding the choices they make for benefit enrollment.
  • Performs such other tasks as may, from time to time, be assigned.
  • Serves as information liaison between the total school system, the community at large, the news media, and supervises the production and distribution of all news releases; arranges for press conferences and speaks at public meetings on issues of general or specific pertinence to District schools and programs.
  • Sets annual objectives for the District’s public information program and plans a budget for meeting objectives.
  • Plans and supervises the periodic polling of public opinion regarding the District and/or current issues in education.
  • Cooperates with the District administrators and other staff members in publicizing and promoting any performances, exhibitions, displays or special programs sponsored by the schools and open to the public.
  • Maintains and updates a file of community organizations, their officers, mailing lists of residents, community groups with clearly expressed interests in educational affairs and provides to those agencies/individuals prompt responses to requests for public information about the District, its policies, and its programs.
  • Assists the Superintendent in explaining public opinions/reactions to the staff of the school system.
  • Coordinates planning for the establishing of the District’s annual school calendar.
  • Collaborates with a variety of parties (e.g. district personnel, community organizations, parents, business etc.) for the purpose of securing funding to maintain and enhance services and/or programs.
  • Coordinate all grant processes (e.g. evaluation’s, budget, finance, reports, etc.) for the purposes of ensuring compliance with district, state, federal and other funder guidelines.
  • Develop forms, processes, procedures, and policies for the purpose of implementing a consistent grant application methodology.
  • Evaluate degree of match between listed grant priority areas and the needs of Country Club Hills Schools for the purpose of matching needs with funding sources.
  • Supports the Superintendent through preparation of written materials and presentations for the purpose of getting out clear and effective communications. 
  • Provides public relations counsel, taking a proactive stance. Anticipates problems and provides solutions. 
  • Communication with internal and external publics - Handles all aspects of the school district's publications such as its external newspaper and internal newsletter, among others. 
  • Media relations - Writes news releases for all local newspapers/TV/radio; works to get media coverage of school district news. Serves as the media's liaison with the school district.
  • Communications planning/crisis communications planning - Writes/develops a communications plan for the district, detailing how to reach its internal and external publics; writes/develops a crisis communications plan of reaching publics, gathering the facts and dealing with media in a crisis. 
  • Public relations research, surveys, polls, informal research - Conducts formal and informal research to determine public opinion and attitude as a basis for planning and action. 
  • School district imaging and marketing - Promotes the district's strengths/achievements, and its solutions to problems. 
  • Student/staff recognition - Vigorously publicizes student and staff achievement; develops staff and retirement recognition programs. 
  • Information station for the district - Answers public and new resident requests for information; maintains extensive background files; keeps district's historical and budget passage records; and plans for school district anniversary celebrations. 
  • Public relations trainer - Provides public relations training to staff and PTO in areas such as talking to the media, communicating in a crisis and recognizing that non-teaching staff are part of the school PR team. 
  • Community relations liaison - Serves as the district's liaison with community groups such as civic associations and service clubs; helps plan/publicize district's parent, senior citizen and community service programs. Develops ways to bring the community into the schools.


  • Master’s Degree in human resources and/or education and related human resources experience
  • Master’s degree and type 75 administrative certificate or comparable certificate.
  • pHCLE certification preferred
  • 3+ years of experience in Human Resources and Public Relations is preferred


Regionally competitive Salary

Additional Notes

Terms of Employment: 12 month (260 day calendar)



  • Supervises Directly: Administrative Assistant to Human Resources
  • Supervises Indirectly: Building principals



  • Will be in accordance with the signed contract between the Board of Education and the employee

How to Apply

Go to www.cch160.org to apply

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