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GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: It is the case manager responsibility to ensure that special education services and related services are provided to the child as outlined in the child’s IEP and make a good faith effort to assist the child to achieve the goals listed on the IEP.


 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A case manager is a licensed teacher or related service provider who is a member of the IEP team and is responsible to coordinate instruction and related services for the student. The case manager will coordinate the delivery of special education services and will be the primary contact for the parent.



REPORTS TO:  Director of Student Services and Building Principal


  The primary responsibilities of the case manager are to:


  • Assure compliance with procedural requirements 

  • Communicate and coordinate among home, school, and other agencies, regular and special educational programs

  • Facilitate placement

  • Train classroom staff, and  schedule team meetings

  • Monitors Special Education Program teachers and staff inclusive of the Student Advocate; provides feedback to building administration.




The case manager responsibilities are numbered below and provide parameters around their professional responsibilities.


 Responsibility #1: Due Process


  • Case managers will meet due process standards set by the district.

  • Special Education Administrative staff may conduct file reviews to monitor due

  • process. This may consist of a review of a student(s) special education file,

  • evaluation reports, and any part of the IEP/IIIP.


  • Goals and objectives written in measurable format

  • Strengths/Limitations/Needs

  • Statewide assessments

  • Extended School Year

  • Modifications and Accommodations (including consideration of assistive technology and graduation plan as necessary)

  • Services (Frequency per week)

  • Least Restrictive Environments

  • Reports individual student achievement according to the standard in the school based on documentation of student progress




Responsibility #2: Working with Parents


  • Meets parents

  • Establishes a mechanism to communicate with parents (i.e., notebook, phone log, e-mail, fax, etc.

  • Responsible for IEP development, progress reporting and overall Communication.




Responsibility #3: Organization


  • Establishes and maintains a student file.

  • Monitor weekly schedule for all Special Education Teachers working with students on caseload.

  • Work with Special Education Teachers to  plan lessons/activities for each student on caseload.

  • Completes all reports

  • Assures that all materials and services are in place for the student.




Responsibility #4: Communication


  • Communicates all decisions, plans and policies to parents and team members and advocates.

  • Communicates needs of the student's safety and welfare to all team members.

  • Establishes ongoing communication with parents for student progress and/or concerns.

  • Documents parent communication plan and establishes a system of documentation of contacts. Case managers can use parent contact logs.




Responsibility #5: Classroom Management


  • Trains, reviews and collaborates with classroom staff on the following:

  • Student Health and Safety Plans

  • Student disabilities

  • Specific health and safety concerns/student responses

  • Student's personal equipment and how to use to support academic achievement

  • School equipment used by students to support academic achievement

  • Special communication systems or specific strategies for the student

  • Specific student needs to support progress

  • Behavioral Intervention Plans

  • Student specific safety plans for school and the bus

  • Emergency Plans and Procedures

  • Emergency cards for each student

  • Emergency evacuation plans for individual students and class

  • Fire drills

  • Tornado drills

  • Universal precautions

  • Lockdown procedures for the class

  • Classroom Records

  • Attendance

  • Documentation charts/reports for student achievement

  • Health and Safety Reports

  • Incident Accident Reporting Form (Students and Staff)

  • Continuous Improvement and Monitoring Plan forms

  • Ordering supplies and materials

  • Equipment repairs

  • Schedules




Responsibility #6: Classroom Staff Training


  • The case manager, related service staff, and administration train classroom staff regarding:

  • District Compliance

  • Site-based training

  • District wide training

  • Building policies and procedures




Responsibility #7: Field Trips and Transportation


  • Field trip permission forms

  • Emergency cards and supplies to be taken on field trips

  • Sign-out procedures




Responsibility #8: Substitute Folder (to include)


  • Lesson plans

  • Classroom schedules

  • Student information

  • Emergency plans and procedures

  • Behavioral Management Plans

  • Building Policies and Procedures




Responsibility #9: Problem Solving/Response To Intervention (RTI) Team Member


  • The Case Manager is expected to be part of the Problem Solving Team that handles all referral to special education. They may be involved in any of the below tasks:

  • Provides referral form to teacher who is referring a student

  • Collaborate with regular education staff regarding pre-referral interventions

  • Notifies team members who need to attend the meeting.

  • Establishes meeting times with parents and sends out meeting notices with the Parent's  Rights Brochure.

  • Assures that the referral form from teacher is complete and ready for the special education meeting.

  • Follows district guidelines for the identification, assessment and individual educational plans for students qualifying for or receiving special education services.




Responsibility #10: Curriculum


  • Develops or incorporates curriculum learning components based on student needs

  • Develops and implements modifications and accommodations for each student

  • Provides assistive technology as defined in the IEP.

  • Establishes and implements a graduation plan.

  • Provides assessment of student achievement based on curriculum.




Responsibility #11: Instructional Design, Development, and Delivery


  • Establishes student baselines before instruction.

  • Plans and implements instructional delivery.

  • Plans presentation of lesson.

  • Documents student response to curriculum.

  • Determines assessment plan for curriculum.

  • Provides interventions, accommodations and/or adaptations for student achievement

  • Structures learning environment for each student

  • Behavioral management




Responsibility #12: Professional Development


  • Maintains license

  • Participates in building and district wide in-service/training


?     Master’s degree and type 75 administrative certificate


?     Special Education background preferred


?     Strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills


?     Maintain confidentiality of records and privileged communications


?     Possess strong professional ethics and integrity


?     Accurately interpret and administer legal mandates, policies and regulations


?     Knowledge of curriculum design and implementation


Competitive salary

Board paid: single medical and dental insurance, employee life insurance

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