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  • Coordinates the purchase and installation of new and replacement technology hardware updates and maintenance, supplies, software updates and licenses, and vendor databases and contacts.
  • Serves on various committees (Staff Development, School Improvement, PAC, Administrative Team, etc.) to provide guidance, assistance and direction for staff.
  • Manages student and staff databases of network logic accounts, passwords, server directories, Follett patrons, domain group policies and user profiles.
  • Coordinates research on, reviews staff requests, writes acquisitions for, purchases and manages installation of, new and updated hardware and software.
  • Helps prepare and monitor the District's technology budget.
  • Helps establish and maintain policies on the responsible and ethical use of technology.
  • Remains current and proficient on technological research and trends.
  • Communicates with outside specialists, vendors, and experts regarding changes or concerns as they relate to technology and its use in the District.
  • Runs, operates and maintains the many internet lines and access, web filtering software systems and network routers, switches, hubs, IDF and MDF network electronics.
  • Serves as a resource to computer teachers, advisors of technology-related activities and support service providers on matters of technology services, program upgrades, hardware and software purchases and other aspects of the technology program.
  • Oversees/directs the work schedules of technology staff assigned to work with the Director to include the full-range of their job descriptions.
  • Develops, where possible, partnerships and networks with other governmental entities and represents the District on those ongoing affiliations with outside groups (ROE, ICEA, various regional, State and technology meetings, etc.).
  • Writes and applies for technology and distance learning grants when appropriate and available; serves as E-Rate Coordinator.


  • Oversees security and antivirus software, tape backup systems and maintains network imaging files.
  • Works with others to plan long-range and implement defined cycles for the replacement and upgrade of District technologies to support a strong instructional program and to comply with the defined guidelines of ISBE.
  • Coordinates network engineering functions that are outsourced.
  • Coordinate and implement all system upgrades and enhancements in accordance with District management directives.
  • Coordinate system support/contract options for hardware and software maintenance.        
  • Coordinate, implement or reconfigure computer hardware in support of building renovation and/or staff re-location on an as required basis.
  • Interface with vendors, coordinate delivery of and payment for computer supplies and district forms.
  • Maintain backups and redundant access to overall file systems containing District finance data and student data.
  • Document Unix system hardware and HP-UX operating system configuration for reference purposes.
  • Document, coordinate, support and orchestrate all upgrades to and use of network applications (i.e. Powerschool, Visions, etc… ). Provide training and support for the same.
  • Process data, run statistics, and generate reports (i.e. student exam data, student performance data, core class data).
  • Support site-wide use of survey research by inputting and providing statistical reports for surveys written and conducted by District staff.
  • Prepare reports and complete file imports for required reports (i.e. vocational education, Illinois Student Information System, etc.).
  • Support staff and student I.D. card system use by interfacing workstation database to main computer system database.
  • Support Parent/Teacher Conference scheduling by way of application and hardware setup and back up.


    • Community college and/or vocational school degree with study in a job-related area Bachelor’s degree in job-related area preferred.


  • Job related experience with increasing levels of responsibility is desired.
  • Be trained and experienced in the full range of technological skills required in the school setting.
  • Be successful managing people and delegating responsibilities.




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