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  • Implement positive behavior supports and interventions across the school day, as well as social emotional skills, including: conflict resolution, problem solving, anti bullying strategies and restorative justice practices. 
  • Assists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of intervention programs that address the needs of at-risk students. 
  • Develops and administers disciplinary procedures in accordance with district policies and state laws; receives referrals and confers with students, parents, teachers, community agencies, and law enforcement; responds to and resolves parent, student, and staff concerns and complaints; serves on discipline or expulsion panels as assigned. 
  • Participates as needed in MTSS, Individual Educational Plan, and 504 meetings
  • Works with the Principal to establish a safe and secure learning environment for students. Develops plans for emergency situations in collaboration with other administrators, staff, and public safety agencies; plans and debriefs emergency drills; updates the school safety plan. 
  • Supervise all students at all times and oversee penalties for violations (such as dress code, truancy, etc…) of such standards as stipulated in Board policy and school procedures.  (after school detention, in-school suspensions, etc…)
  • Counsel students regarding issues specific to their exhibited behaviors, offering alternative strategies that can be employed to ensure success in the regular classroom setting.  
  • Communicate with the Counselors, Social Workers and Teachers in finding positive solutions for behavior modification for disruptive students.  
  • Seek to develop socially acceptable attitudes in students.  
  • Maintains necessary attendance forms, eligibility records, and similar paperwork. 
  • Perform other appropriate tasks and assume and complete other responsibilities as assigned. 
  • Cooperate and share professionally with other members of the staff.  
  • Strive to establish cooperative relations and make a reasonable effort to communicate with parents and community residents as appropriate.
  • Suspends students temporarily for willful and/or persistent violations of District regulations in conjunction with building administration.
  • Maintains such records pertaining to student behavior as may be necessary to substantiate student suspensions and recommendations for expulsion.
  • Organizes and supervises programs designed to remediate truancy.
  • Assists with the supervision of Security Personnel.
  • Supervises student behavior at student activities and sporting events.
  • Communicates behavior problems to parents/guardians for students assigned to them.
  • Explains school disciplinary policies and practices to students, staff and parents.
  • Assists administrators during any and all crises.
  • Assists with general supervision of students in and around the building during the school day.


  • ISBE Type 75 General Administrative Certificate (preferred)
  • Previous administrative experience preferred
  • Related Master’s Degree or better from an accredited college or university (preferred)
  • Previously demonstrated an understanding of positive behavioral interventions and support. Creating and implementing student behavior expectations, conflict resolution strategies and state policy affecting the management of student behaviors.


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