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  • Collaborates with the superintendent with general operating issues such as budget preparation and daily trouble-shooting and serves as back-up to the Director of Human Resources and Public Relations as needed.
  • Develops, implements, and supervises procedures to be used in the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Facilitate meetings with various staff members
  • Assist in creating and applying fiscal controls and procedures
  • Manage the district’s fiduciary fund including, preparing checks, reconciling funds, processing reimbursement and filing reports.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge related to payroll and accounting to facilitate district compliance and efficiency.
  • Prepares necessary revenue and expenditure projections.
  • Reviews proposed expenditures to determine that they are within the framework of the adopted budget of the District and establishes and maintains a system for controlling and preventing over-expenditure of the budget.
  • Prepare all necessary journal entries and required.
  • Assist and prepare schedules as required with the annual audit.
  • Receives and receipts all monies received by the school district.
  • Reconciles all district cash and bank accounts (including student activity) on a monthly basis.
  • Manage the accounts receivable function; receipts and reconciles all incoming funds and processes weekly bank deposits from each school.
  • Coordinate reconciliation of student’s activity accounts.
  • Manage proper closing procedures to assure efficiency and accuracy of all District accounts.
  • Assist as needed with bids and procedures related to accounts payable and purchasing. Reserves and receipts all monies received by the school district.
  • Assist with preparations and submission of transportation reports and reconciliation of transportation funds.
  • Perform other responsibilities and assist with special projects as needed and requested.


General Administration:

  • Act as advisor to the Superintendent concerning financial affairs and matters of general importance to the educational program.
  • Provide necessary business services in cooperation with the instructional activities of the School District.
  • Participate in the decision-making and policy development processes within the system.
  • Participate constructively in professional meetings with administrative staff and colleagues.
  • Performs such other position-related tasks, and assumes such other responsibilities, as the Superintendent of Schools may, from time to time, assign or delegate.


Grant Fiscal Accounting:

  • Assumes responsibility for post award grant accounting thus ensuring compliance with funding source administrative guidelines, timely receipt of revenue, accurate submission of expenditure reports, A-133 Audit and orderly closure of projects.
  • Provide training & workshops to all grant stakeholders on how to more efficiently and effectively manage their respective grants in following board policy, granting agency guidelines, and all applicable federal regulations related to special programs.
  • Directly consult with all stakeholders (superintendent, program managers, principals, bookkeepers, etc. concerning the sponsored programs and other restricted accounts as they relate to financial administration of grants. This includes interpreting federal requirements and granting agency guidelines of such grants.
  • Review all applicable expenditure reports for sponsored programs and ensure the timely submission thereof.
  • Proposing policies and procedures related to restricted funds for review and implementation by Program Managers.
  • Assisting Grant Program Managers in the financial reporting and other administrative requirements of their grants/contracts, state Memorandum of Agreements, training.
  • Monitoring/tracking the status of each program through its program life cycle


Assist with School Board Meetings:

  • Supervises staff involved in preparing financial matters and personnel matters exhibits for school board meeting agencies.
  • Assists with the final preparation of the agendas for the school board meetings as may be necessary.


Financial Planning and Budgeting:

  • Develop budget guidelines, coordinate preparation of the budget, and assist administrators in review of the budget.
  • Utilize program budgeting procedures in preparing the District budget.
  • Coordinate the presentation of, justification for, and preparation of additional analysis required to understand the budget proposal for action by the Board of Education.
  • Submit periodic statements to the Board of Education detailing the status of the budget appropriation.


Accounting Services:

  • Establish and supervise, through the Accounting program and reporting for the financial affairs of the District.
  • Establish controls for transfer of budgeted funds, as requested by program directors, department heads, and school administrators.
  • Prepare financial reports as required by state and federal agencies.
  • Prepare appropriate financial reports to record data and provide information for management decisions.
  • Appraise existing accounting and financial policies and procedures as to their adequacy and effectiveness. 
  • File a financial report annually for audit by an independent certified public accountant.
  • Coordinate the programs of outside auditors.
  • Implement audit suggestions on a timely basis.
  • Complete, monitor, and report the activities applicable to state and federal funded activities.
  • Prepare a District-wide plan for the management of school activity funds.



  • Directs, coordinates, and implements purchasing procedures for the school system.
  • Assumes responsibilities for all purchases when bidding is required, including equipment and supplies for new buildings as well as for existing buildings.
  • Oversees all purchasing for the School District.
  • Prepares supply lists, assists in writing specifications for bidding and advertising and tabulates bids, all in accordance with established purchasing policy and state laws and shall present recommended bid awards for Board approval.
  • Provides the Superintendent and other staff members, as well as the Board, with facts and information that help them in their relations with the public
  • Interprets the business area of educational programs to the educational staff and to the public and media where possible and required.


Program Management:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the operation of the total school business services program.
  • Delegate the authority necessary to accomplish department functions.
  • Implement and observe all Board of Education business policies for the District.
  • Develop and operate a management control system that monitors department activities.
  • Effectively communicate with staff regarding issues involving the educational program and the furnishing of support services to all levels of the school system.
  • Coordinate and communicate support services activities with appropriate local and state agencies.
  • Provide leadership in assessing and providing for staff development needs in the area of support services.
  • Provide continuous evaluation of support service programs.
  • Keeps abreast of issues and trends in the areas of school business administration through literature, participation in school business official associations, and attendance at approved workshops and seminars.


Personnel Management:

  • Assists the Superintendent in preparing for and/or conducting negotiations and in handling individuals and group problems related to duties, salary, working conditions, benefits, policies and procedures of non-instructional personnel, and provides guidance and information in connection with employment of severance from service for these personnel.
  • Oversees, directs and supervises the Business Office staff
  • Maintains adequate records for all School District employees regarding salary, retirement, social security, withholdings taxes, wage taxes and insurance and life insurance programs and advises employees regarding these programs and works closely with benefits providers.
  • Oversees the administration of the district retirement, health and life insurance programs and advise employees regarding these programs and works closely with benefits provides.
  • Supervise the staff accounting, payroll, and all related data in the area of personnel administration; i.e., keeping the needed information concerning number of personnel, dollars involved with such personnel, and all other related data concerning professional and support staff.
  • Assists in the selection and revision of employee health insurance programs.


Office Services:

  • Establish procedures for record keeping and maintain all records that audit and legal requirements demand.
  • Establish standard operating procedure manuals for the effective workflow of paper processing.
  • Review form design and update form requirements as needed.
  • Provide administrative office services dealing with telephone, postage, and office equipment operation, general mail receipt and distribution, including courier service for interschool mail, and centralized copying/duplicating services.


In-Service Training for Support Staff:

  • Assists in the organization and execution of in-service training programs aimed at increasing the skills of school business support staff.



  • Assists in the formulation of transportation policies and regulations, and works closely with the transportation contractor on procedures, routing, scheduling, inspection and condition of school buses.
  • Develop and administer a transportation program to meet the Board of Education Requirements for the public and nonpublic schools in the District.
  • Prepares and administers the transportation budget.
  • Develop recommendations for future transportation needs based on forecasts of resident students. 


Food Services:

  • Manage the district’s food service program including supervision of food service staff, student eligibility, collection and deposit of lunch monies, submission of monthly reports and all related food services.
  • Directs and works closely with the supervisor of food services in handling the business and financial functions of the food service operation.
  • Administer, through the OutSource Food Service Provider, the school breakfast and lunch programs and cafeteria services.


Buildings and Grounds:

  • Administer, through the Head of Maintenance, a program of plant operations and maintenance; security and property protection and community use of school facilities.
  • Coordinates with the school principals and Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds to inspect the physical plants and properties for the purpose of ensuring safety, cleanliness, and general upkeep is maintained.
  • Coordinate the purchase, maintenance, and inventory of all supplies and equipment for offices and instruction to take advantage of bidding, cooperative, and bulk purchase, based upon requisition specifications.  Excepted are textbooks, library, music, and those other material aids deemed not suited. Included are copiers, typewriters, service contracts, etc.
  • Develop and administer a program for securing contracted services. 
  • Directs the purchase, by competitive bidding, informal quotations, and negotiation, of items of supply and equipment, and contracted services necessary for the operation of the school district.
  • Reviews or prepares bidding documents, including notice to bidders, instruction to bidders, specifications and the form of proposal.
  • Develop a fixed asset inventory for insurance and control purposes.



  • In accordance with the requirements of the programs in which they are employee, coordinate the student, workers’ compensation, liability, automobile, and property insurance



  • Implement, maintain and support PowerSchool student information systems including administrative, teacher and parent portals.
  • Develop with technology initiatives’, long and short-range technology planning, forecasting technology trends and technology related budgetary concerns and purchasing.
  • Assist and implement the E-Rate funding for the district.
  • Participate in planning and implementation of district and statewide technology workshops and projects.
  • Help in the evaluation and purchase of software and hardware that is used in the classrooms and labs in the school district.
  • Develop and administer the VOIP telephone system, update extensions, review and inspect hardware and communicate issues with providers.
  • Develop and administer with integration of internet fiber/internet service throughout the district.
  • Collect and review the inventory of technology equipment and materials from each school.


  • Master’s Degree in business and/or education and related financial experience
  • Chief School Business Official (CSBO) preferred
  • 3+ years of experience in Finance and Operations is preferred


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