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· Displays solid understanding of the various approaches to learning that different students exhibit.
· Integrates district curricular goals and objectives in plans to promote student learning.
· Understands and utilizes resources available through the school and the district.
· Maintains a culture of high expectations.
· Establishes a classroom of rules and procedures in accordance with the student handbook.
· Fosters a culture of equity and access for all students.
· Displays content knowledge and implements current best pedagogical practices.
· Engages in reflective practices to improve instruction.
· Provides additional support for struggling students.
· Utilizes formative and summative assessments to improve student learning.
· Understands and supports the District Strategic Plan.
· Adheres to provisions outlined in the contractual agreement and administrative directives.
· Collaborates with content teams to provide common learning experiences for students.
· Demonstrates effective communication skills when interacting with immediate supervisors, parents, students, peers, and other school related reference groups.
· Is actively involved in school/district events and projects.
· Participates in professional development to enhance and effectively implement content knowledge, pedagogy, and technology.
· Maintains and submits upon request accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, District policy, and administrative regulation.
· Provides appropriate supervision and takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
· Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.


This candidate should have experience in teaching French to Secondary Level students.
French 1-French IV courses will be taught in this position.

Additional Notes

*Part time position on a block schedule (every other day position)

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