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  1. Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) with General Administrative Endorsement.
  2. Master’s degree with graduate training in administration supervision or curriculum.
  3. Five (5) or more successful years in administration and school leadership experience preferred.
  4. Proven record of accomplishment in school improvement at the secondary level.
  5. Experience in implementation of research-based academic initiatives at the secondary level.
  6. Experience with developing standards aligned curriculum.
  7. Experience with formative assessment design and data use for instruction.
  8. Demonstrated leadership of continuous improvement and data based decision-making.
  9. Ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment.
  10. Excellent organizational skills, with ability to work under pressure and manage multiple, concurrent, and conflicting priories and deadlines.
  11. Solid written and oral communication, interpersonal, analytical, and decision-making skills.
  12. Ability to work with a linguistically and culturally diverse public.
  13. Effective written, verbal and technology based communication skills.


Starting at $135,000/year commensurate with credentials and experience

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