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The School Social Worker provides a full range of school counseling services including screening and assessment, designing remedial educational programs, individual and group counseling with school staff, parents, and outside agencies as appropriate. Functions as a member of the multi-disciplinary team to determine the student’s eligibility for special services, appropriate programming and on-going progress.


  1. Develop and deliver school counseling curriculum in classroom setting.
  2. Assist students in the areas of emotional and social development.
  3. Collaborate with faculty, staff, and parents to better understand and meet the needs of all students.
  4. Provide individual and small group counseling as needed.
  5. Make appropriate referrals of students and parents to outside agencies and specialists when necessary.
  6. Make self a visible body in school by participating in a variety of activities that contribute to the school’s effectiveness.
  7. Continually plan, evaluate and revise the school social work program.
  8. Provide information and skills to parents, school staff, administration and the community to assist them with supporting students in social emotional development.
  9. Take a leadership role in working counseling/social emotional content into the curriculum, staff development, and parent education programs.
  10. Assist parents in addressing school related problems; refer parents to outside agencies and specialists when necessary.
  11. Participate in school decision-making and in activities, which contribute to the effectiveness of the school.
  12. Cooperate and collaborate with other professionals in enhancing the social emotional needs of students.
  13. Communicate with administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students as to the role of the school social worker in the overall educational process.
  14. Participates in Individualized Education Plan meetings to assist the team in eligibility determination, and setting goals for educational programming, functional programming, transition programming and/or but not limited to behavioral programming.
  15. Update Individualized Education Programming information in a timely manner, effectively using data to update goals/objectives and behavior intervention plans.
  16. Complete Functional Behavioral Assessments and complete the Behavior Intervention Plan.
  17. Keep an organized and up to date schedule.

Professional Growth and Responsibilities:

  1. Pursue continuous professional development and growth.
  2. Adhere to the ethical standards of state and national school social worker associations.
  3. Adhere to best practices prescribed by state and national school social worker associations.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of local policies and state and federal laws pertaining to school social work.


  1. Promote an understanding and appreciation for diverse populations.
  2. Assists with other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent, Director of Student Services, and/or Building Principal.
  3. Advocate for equal access to programs and services for all students.
  4. Utilize resources available within the school and community to develop appropriate programs.




Hold a master’s degree in school social work from an accredited college or university. Meet the certification requirements for school social worker from the Illinois State Board of Education (Type 73). Must be familiar with middle school level child development. Restorative practice experience is desirable.


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