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Maintains a caseload of 25-32 students in grades 6-8 or grades 9-12, based on school placement. 

  • Works with students, families and the educational support team in establishing/writing success plans setting realistic goals, schedules and plans for monitoring student academic and social/emotional success 
  • Monitors attendance, behavior and grades and is a first responder in the event of student’ crises; maintains accurate records of student engagement & interactions 
  • Schedules, plans and participates in family outreach visits and family engagement events to promote family participation in the student’s learning experiences and conducts wellness checks if needed 
  • Connects students’ and families’ to additional support services as needed and acts as a liaison to service providers 
  • Supports all school based initiatives actively and engages with all staff and administration to promote student success. Attends all staff meetings & student problem-solving and staffing meetings as needed 



Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree and experience supporting historically underrepresented or at-risk youth. A Student Advocate should provide students with a positive pattern of engagement at school, fuel motivation, and foster development of the life skills needed for graduation and post high school learning and careers. 

Salary, Benefits and Working Conditions: The Student Advocate will earn a salary of approximately $45,000 depending on experience, skillset and level of education


$40,000.00 - $45,000.00

 This position includes the following benefits: 

  •  Individual/Single Health insurance
  •  Vision 
  •  Dental
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits for this position are facilitated through the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF). As a 10-month employee, you will receive 12 sick days, and 2 personal days.

How to Apply

Application Procedure: 

Individuals interested in applying for this position must complete the online application in its entirety, including a cover letter, resume, and a list of at least three professional references. For questions regarding the position, please contact Dr. Etholia Holmes, Director of Alternative Learning Opportunities Program, at either eholmes@s-cook.org or 708-754-6600. 

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