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This is a fulltime, 10-month position. Student advocates are hired by the South Cook Intermediate Service Center to help students dealing with trauma by way of social emotional learning support, in collaboration with specific South Cook school districts that will be identified upon hiring. This is a non-certified position working with the on-site school location & South Cook Intermediate Service Center team. The Student Advocate works directly with students in a South Cook School District and reports to the Director of ALOP and on-site school location, and building admin in the school environment.


  • Maintains a caseload of 20-30 students based on school placement grades ranging from (6th-8th) elementary/junior high school & (9th-12th) high school.
  • Takes student caseload attendance daily
  • Observe students within their classroom setting (permission must be granted by building admin/teacher in advance)
  • Monitors attendance, behavior, grades and act as a first responder in the event of student’ crises; maintains accurate records of student engagement & interactions.
  • Create an individual (SSP) Student Support/Success plan with goals for each student.
  • Meet with each student on caseload minimally once a week.
  • Attend mandatory SCISC ALOP team meetings & professional development trainings.
  • Complete SCISC “Know Before” technology on-line trainings.
  • Plan, implement, and engage with SEL monthly student activities from the approved SCISC themes.
  • Participates in family outreach visits and family engagement events to promote family participation in the student’s learning experiences and conducts wellness checks if needed
  • Chart student caseload notes daily.
  • Maintain and organize student caseload google drive: Student caseload attendance and student caseload notes are required. Maintenance of the on-site school location google drive must be accessible for review to the following: SCISC Admin, Superintendent, & Building Admin.
  • Work with students, families and the educational support team in establishing/writing success plans setting realistic goals, schedules and plans for monitoring student academic and social/emotional success
  • Connects students’ and families’ to additional support services as needed and acts as a liaison to service providers
  • Supports all school based initiatives actively and engages with all staff and administration to promote student success.
  • Attends all staff meetings as invited, permitting that all SCISC ALOP student caseload task are fulfilled/completed.
  • Greet students in the hallway during passing period.
  • Invite students to eat lunch with you. (Only permitted via building admin permission)
  • Conduct daily random student caseload check-in’s
  • Call parents with positives and opportunities for growth updates.
  • Conduct/Schedule “Open House & Parent Conferences” with parents/guardians in person or virtually during normal scheduled student advocacy hours within the school day. Invite parents to see advocacy space and partake in student updates.
  • Maintain student caseload hard copy files. All student caseload files should consist of the (SDQ) strengths/difficulties questionnaire screener, Parent consent form, student schedule, and other items deem necessary at the student advocate discretion.


 Required Skills:

  • Strong technology skills and eagerness to keep up with technology updates.
  • Flexibility: adjust well to changes made at any given time.
  • Top-notch organizing: physically of advocacy space & digital files/drives.
  • Strong commitment to serving struggling and historically underserved students in middle and/or high school.
  • Experience in working with community agencies in providing support networks to assist. students and families; experience supporting public school students in grades 6-12.
  • Possess a strong problem-solving and organizational skills; willingness to persist with students.
  • Advocacy skills, including the ability to negotiate, compromise, and confront conflict professionally.
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate effectively with students, families, and school personnel.
  • Bachelor’s degree (across all content areas)
  • Must have a minimum of two years working with underrepresented youth/at-risk youth.
  • Clear Background Check
  • Must provide students with a positive pattern of engagement at school, fuel motivation, and foster development of the life skills needed for graduation and post high school learning and careers.


  • Salary: Bachelors 45K/Masters 50K
  • Individual/single health insurance
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • (IMRF) Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

How to Apply

Application Procedure: 

Individuals interested in applying for this position must complete the online application in its entirety, including a cover letter, resume, and a list of at least three professional references. For questions regarding the position, please contact Dr. Etholia Holmes, Director of Alternative Learning Opportunities Program, at either eholmes@s-cook.org or 708-754-6600.

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