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1. Communicate and collaborate effectively with others.
2. Ensure confidentiality of sensitive information.
3. Maintain a record of dependability as evidenced by consistent attendance, punctuality and attention to work.
4. Understand and adapt to a variety of situations.
5. Maintain and exhibit general and personal safety practices.
6. Maintain stakeholder satisfaction.
7. Work independently and exercise good judgment.
8. Assume personal responsibility for professional performance and growth.
9. Utilize effective problem-solving processes.
10. Exhibit professionalism in appearance and demeanor. 

1. Ensure that all students follow established recess procedures. 
2. Maintain the cleanliness of the recess space.
3. Inform the administration of playground issues.
4. Maintain a safe and positive recess atmosphere.
5. Monitor and maintain the necessary recess supplies.
6. Dismiss and monitor students to their designated playground/recess area.
7. Correct/redirect inappropriate/unsafe playground behavior.
8. Supervise use of playground/indoor recess equipment.
9. Refer significant concerns to administration
10. Document incidents of inappropriate behavior resulting in injury.
11. Perform other duties as assigned by the building principal. 


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Pay, benefits, work/days as established by the Board of Education. (At-will employee.) 

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