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Support and Organization:


  1. Attends to student needs in areas of personal and/or behavioral care.
  2. Organizes equipment and materials as directed by the educator.
  3. Assumes responsibility for classroom/program cleanliness.
  4. Promotes student independence.
  5. Accepts responsibility for all non-instructional tasks planned by the educator.




  1.       Exhibits effective communication skills.
  2. Is systematic in record keeping as assigned by the educator.
  3. Maintains an open rapport with students.
  4. Maintains confidentiality.


Management of Student Conduct:


  1. Adequately assists educator in supervision and student safety.
  2. Exhibits respect and concern for students.
  3. Accepts and effectively works with each student in accordance with his/her personal needs.
  4. Follows behavior management programs including use of positive reinforcement techniques.


Professional Responsibilities:


  1. Makes efficient use of time.
  2. Takes appropriate initiative.
  3. Completes tasks on time.
  4. Demonstrates flexibility.
  5. Accepts criticism and suggestions.
  6. Exhibits willingness to cooperate.
  7. Has good attendance and is punctual.
  8. Has physical vitality and desirable health habits.
  9. Maintains an appropriate appearance.


High School Diploma

Physical ability to participate in lifting of students

Physical ability to participate in physical restraint of students



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