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Provides instructional services under the supervision of certified teachers, including lesson planning, providing small group and individualized instruction, as well as preparation for classroom sessions.


Assists teachers with the implementation of Individual Education Program (IEP)


Assists with the physical demands of functional life skills and academic skills, in school and community settings


Maintains professional documentation including daily notes to families, data collection of students performance on academic tasks, and behavioral logs


Participates in direct supervision of students and assistance with activities in daily living, including toileting and/or feeding assistance as needed


Monitors and is aware of medical needs of students and responds to emergencies as needed


Utilize time both before and after school to provide for the instructional components of the student’s day, as well as meet any classroom needs as determined by the teacher


Adhere to school policies and procedures                   


Complete any other essential duties that may be assigned


PHYSICAL DEMANDS:                        The qualified candidate must have no physical limitations.  The candidate must be able to lift.  Additionally, the candidate will be trained and must be able to participate in the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) model of behavior management.  The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands:  significant lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling;  some climbing and balancing;  some stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling;  and significant fine finger dexterity.  Generally, the job requires 10% sitting, 45% walking and 45% standing.  The job is performed under minimal temperature variations under conditions with exposure to risk of injury and/or illness.


Paraprofessional License or Short-term Paraprofessional License    

            FBI Fingerprinting


$105.00 per day

Additional Notes

6.5 hours a day

How to Apply

                                                Messina Lenger, Director

                                                Region III Special Ed Cooperative

                                                1800 Storey Lane

                                                Cottage Hills, IL. 62018


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